10 Reasons You Must Focus on Mobile Marketing From Today


    Everywhere we look, people are on their smartphone or tablet—shopping, conducting business, making appointments, or handling some other matter. Gone are the days of doing business and other transactions solely from a desktop computer. Our society has gone mobile, and marketers and businesses of all shapes and sizes have jumped on the mobile marketing bandwagon—for good reason. Statistics from technology media property company TechCrunch indicate that mobile usage of digital media comprises more than 60% of all digital media consumption.

    Advantages of Mobile Marketing

    Through mobile marketing and geolocation services, your business can be in front of customers and potential customers no matter where they are. And, by promoting your company through mobile marketing, you make it easier for customers and potential customers to find you when they need or want you most—whether they have a flooded basement and need a water damage restoration company right away or it’s lunchtime at the office and the gang wants to know the lunch special of the day.

    Businesses can send out promotions, announcements, special offers, coupons, time-sensitive marketing incentives, and much more. They can tailor their messages and target very specific markets and geographies with all the types of mobile marketing technology available today. Consider just a few of the benefits that are inherent with mobile marketing:

    • Helps create brand awareness by getting a company’s message immediately in the hands of the target audience
    • Lower cost to the business than traditional print marketing
    • Allows a business to directly target their market reach
    • Facilitates purchasing, thanks to mobile payment apps a business can use
    • Your virtual promotion—coupon, discount code, etc.—remains available and accessible on the user’s device until a user needs it
    • Microblogging capabilities let a business get a message out in real time
    • Since screen size on viewing devices is smaller than on a desktop, content can be kept simple and concise
    • Content that is mobile-ready can be viewed correctly on any size/shape screen
    • Given the ease with which users can share mobile content, your marketing message can easily go viral, which leads to more advertising for the business with no additional effort or expense
    • Tracking of user response and behavior is virtually immediate, which allows for a business to adjust their offering as necessary

    Mobile marketing also lets you further harness the power of Facebook, which is the most used app in the mobile environment. Fans and followers of a business will immediately see its posts and comments, and be more inclined to react to them as well. And when they share the post with their own friends on Facebook, the exposure of the business and its offering or message grows exponentially.

    The bottom line? In our very mobile society, where convenience and ease of doing business is a must, people’s mobile device is the vehicle by which they can satisfy their demands. And businesses that invest in meeting those demands will benefit the most. Their increased exposure, brand awareness, and availability will lead to increased sales and a much greater return on their mobile marketing investment.


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