3 Physical Marketing Strategies That You Can Use Online


Need online marketing help? It turns out that online marketers can use a lot of strategies from physical marketing. Sure, you’ll need different approaches for each one, but if you’ve ever created a print ad, a direct mail campaign, or any other form of offline marketing, then you can apply some of those strategies to your online marketing. Let’s look at three physical marketing strategies that you can use online.

Grab Attention With Visuals

First, let’s talk about visuals. In a print ad, for example, it’s the picture that grabs the attention first. You’re going to notice the picture of the shiny car before you read all about its horsepower and heated seats. Even the words create their own visual. Certain font sizes and typefaces will draw your eye and influence your reading experience.

Sometimes, people forget about visual marketing when they move online. They get so caught up in word-focused things like SEO that they forget about what the audience sees. Take some time to consider the visual part of your online marketing. Is your website easy to read? Do you post photos on your blog and social media? If you’re considering online marketing help, choose a team that can tell a story in both words and pictures.

Appeal to the Senses

Physical media doesn’t just focus on sight, though. It appeals to other senses, too. Let’s go back to the example of the car in the print ad. Once you get drawn in with your sight, you’ll read copy that appeals to your other senses. For example, the ad might appeal to your sense of hearing by describing how quiet the ride is. It might engage your sense of touch by describing the smooth seats. Sense-based marketing is powerful because it forges a connection between the reader and the product. There’s no reason why you can’t do the same with your online marketing. Having trouble coming up with ideas? Then you can always get some online marketing help. When you have a team of professional writers on your side, you’ll notice a big difference.

Define the Problem and Offer the Solution

Physical marketing often uses a “problem and solution” method. Whether you seek online marketing help or do your marketing on your own, you can use this method, too. Basically, you identify a problem for your clients and then present your service as the solution. For example, if you offer a carpet cleaning service, you can emphasize the problem of allergens. Then you’d offer your service as a source of allergy relief.

Online Marketing Help

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