3 Ways to Rank Your Website On Page 1 Of Google in Local Search


If Google is to be believed, then they are probably the ones to know! Approximately 73% of all online activity is directly related to people doing local searches. Every day more and more people are searching on their smartphones for local businesses. If you want to take advantage of this rising trend, it is extremely important that your Google local listing information is as complete as possible. The following three tips will help you get on the right track to getting your page on number one for local searches.


Fill out all the information! We can’t stress this step enough. Almost 1 in every 3 people will use their smartphones to search out a store before they visit. If you want your listing to stand out, then you need to fill out as much as possible. This isn’t just for your customers either. Google will choose sites that have completed listings and rank them above others that don’t. Make sure that you aren’t afraid to be specific either, Google will still bring up results that are related even if they aren’t exactly what the customer was looking for.


Always use precise location and keyword information. All Google+ local listings utilize Google maps to help generate the locations and information for customers. If you have any errors in this information, it could end up frustrating any potential customers. If there any discrepancies between what information you have in different directories, then it could impact on how Google brings up your results.


Always try to get as many reviews on Google as you can. When people are happy with your service and leave a review on Google, it shows up in the Google search results. Google also appreciates customer reviews, the more reviews, the more Google believes you are providing a great service and the higher it ranks your site.


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