4 Reasons Why You Need a Business Page on Linkedin Immediately


    You already know the power behind LinkedIn as a professional networking site, including the site’s capacity for high rankings in search results. Many businesses are also familiar with the many ways LinkedIn helps them in the B2B space. In general terms, LinkedIn’s features and functionality make it a valuable tool for establishing relationships, gaining insight and positioning yourself as a thought leader, and building your own online community and, thus, your reputation.

    Through LinkedIn, you can follow and listen to relevant business and industry leaders to gain insights of your own. It also lets you participate and share your own expertise, as well as analyze and drill down your own search results within the site to reach the businesses/consumers of most value to you. In fact, many agree that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful online sales tools available today. When you understand the benefits of LinkedIn, you’ll want to move quickly to improve your company presence on the site and take advantage of all it has to offer

    1. Generate leads

    When you a) share an update with content that is relevant to your business and b) respond to questions posted by others or comment on others’ postings, you bring attention to your own expertise and establish credibility and trust. And when potential customers see the solutions you provide, they will be more inclined to contact you. LinkedIn’s conversion rate among the top social networking sites (including Facebook and Twitter) was the highest, especially in the B2B arena.

    2. Build traffic

    Use LinkedIn’s social sharing function to share content via status updates you provide. Content you share will appear on both the LinkedIn homepage and in the industry groups/communities to which you belong. Your content should be thoughtful and professional, for example giving advice on a topic. When you establish yourself as a leader and influencer, you build your online reputation, which encourages others to share your content with their own connections. Ensure your postings all refer back to you and your website, and you’ll see a jump in traffic, which also leads to further lead generation.

    3. Value

    According to Forbes.com: LinkedIn has surpassed Facebook as the “#1 most important social platform for B2B marketers”; business owners rank LinkedIn as their third most-used online platform for marketing; and LinkedIn has proven highly effective at getting top results when launching new products.

    4. Relevance

    When people follow you on LinkedIn (or join your community), it’s because they are interested in what you do and what you have to say. These are the people most likely to seek you out when they have a real need for your service or product, and the most likely to share their experience with other like-minded connections.

    While there are other very valid reasons for your small business to have its own page on LinkedIn, those discussed here are all the reason you need to get started on setting up your page today.


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