5 Advantages of Mobile Marketing


    Mobile marketing is all about using your mobile devices to promote a business. Many people have mobile phones but don’t know how to use them to the advantage of their business. This article will show you the best way to do that and the benefits that come with mobile marketing. Studies conducted across the globe have shown that people go through their mobile phones many times in a day.

    Imagine what that will translate to if your mobile website is used to promote a business. It would be massive benefits which you should capitalize on going forward.

    Pros of Mobile Marketing

    • Cost-effective – this is a very big benefit that you will enjoy by using mobile marketing to promote a business. You will not incur much to send a text message but the effect it will have will be enormous for your business. In terms of costs, you cannot compare sending texts to printing or sending emails for marketing. It’s very cheap.
    • Higher responses – when you send a text message anytime, you get an almost instant response from the recipient. This is because people usually have mobile phones on their hands or pockets at all the times. Therefore, responses for mobile marketing are about five or six times higher compared to other forms of marketing. You will get to know immediately how customers feel about your business or its products.
    • Easy tracking – it will not take any effort to track down success or failure of mobile marketing messages. You will be engaging directly with customers so getting to determine their responses to messages is easy. As a business entity, it will be very easy and fast satisfying needs of your customers and understanding their desires. With mobile marketing, you will stay ahead of the rest in terms of market competition.
    • Enhanced customer experience – you will notice that customers prefer mobile marketing over any other form of marketing that your business uses to reach them. That should tell you a lot about their experience. Customers make decisions very fast thus they will need a marketing platform that is fast as well. Even websites that are mobile-optimized have many more visitors in a minute than those that have not been optimized.
    • It’s portable – you don’t have to be in the office or a certain place to send a mobile marketing message. You can do that even from odd places like washrooms and you achieve the general intention. You can move with your Smartphone to any place and still run an effective mobile marketing campaign which is very advantageous.

    Mobile marketing simply works through sending advertisements over devices like tablets, smartphones and any other mobile gadget that people use more often. There is always a variance in the format of advertisements, styles, as well as customization used. It will always depend on the type of message that you are passing through.

    On top of that, coming up with a workable mobile marketing strategy will help you to achieve the targeted results. There are many strategies that you can use to realize that, so don’t limit yourself. You can opt for apps-based marketing where mobile apps are involved. You need to know that out of the entire time that people are on mobile phones, they are engaged on apps for more than 80% of that time.

    There is also location-based marketing where advertisements will show up on mobile devices depending on where you are in relation to a business. For example, a business owner can set his/her advertisements to appear on mobile phones when a person is near the business premises or within its precincts. There are many more strategies available to choose from in making sure mobile marketing works for you.


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