5 Powerful Blog Approaches That Will Get More Clients to Contact You


Your blog gets a fair amount of views, but does it get results? If you have readers, then you’ve accomplished step one. Step two is to get those readers to contact you. You want them to book your service, ask some questions, or engage with you further. How do you make that happen? We have a few tips. These five powerful blog approaches come straight from psychology.

Fill a Need

How do you get more clients to contact you? You show them how contacting you can fulfill a need. First, you’ll have to figure out what that need is. Don’t go for the obvious answers. Yes, your clients need mold remediation, but what’s the need behind the need? In this case, it’s the need for a healthy, safe, and uncontaminated home. In your next blog post, appeal to your clients’ need for safety or cleanliness.

Minimize the Risk

When it comes to getting people to contact you, your biggest hurdle is risk aversion. If a person has never used your service before, that person will feel some level of risk when they contact you, whether they realize it or not. Human survival depends on avoiding risk, but you can make your readers feel secure. For example, if you offer free estimates, you alleviate the fear of losing money. If you emphasize a satisfaction guarantee, you alleviate the fear of home damage.

Add a Time Crunch

Humans are naturally more decisive when they think they’re under a time limit. When you add a time limit to your posts, you don’t give your readers a chance to second-guess themselves. This time crunch can be real or just perceived. For example, a limited-time discount is a real time limit, but even the words “call today” or “contact us now” can make a difference.

Don’t Avoid the Negative

“Be positive” may be good life advice, but it doesn’t always work in marketing. The human brain responds more fully to negativity than it does to positivity. Just like with risk aversion, it’s a survival instinct. Don’t be afraid to frame certain things in a negative light. For example, instead of saying “You deserve a dry home,” you might say “Avoid mold and bacteria with our waterproofing service.”

Logic and Emotion

Finally, you’ll want a combination of both logic and emotion for your blog posts. On the logical side, you can mention why mold remediation makes sense. On the emotional side, you can appeal to the sentimentality of the home.

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