5 Quick Ways to Speed Up Your Website Rankings

website rankings

It can take a while to improve your SEO rankings, but here are a few ways to quickly improve your rank. Things like skill, budget, the level of competition, and how your website stacks up against the competition will all play a role in how quickly you can move the dial. 

Create A Good Foundation

Things like poor website structure and information architecture can bring down even the best SEO and website ranking campaigns. If it is difficult for users to navigate your site, your rankings will suffer. Consider making your mobile version user-friendly. That can be the pathway to success and help to boost your website closer to the top. 

Make sure to fix your duplicate content. For example, http://www.yousite.com, https://www.yousite.com, http://yousite.com, and https://yousite.com might be considered as four different pages with identical content. You can resolve this by setting the proper redirect rules in your .htaccess file. 

Optimize Your Mobile Version

Your website needs to pass the Mobile-Friendly Test. Consider what your users want to do on your site. They should be able to perform those basic tasks smoothly. Make sure that the first 3-5 objectives of your site can be done effortlessly. Users shouldn’t have to scroll through endless information to find the services they need. Additionally, images that load slowly can negatively impact your site. Loading time can be a huge factor in website rankings. 

Optimize For Speed: SEO vs. PPC

You can execute page speed optimization by using an image editing program, an image compression tool, and making sure image dimensions fit into the reserved image space. This will help to retain a clean and structured look on your site. The difference in click-through rate between organic and paid search engine marketing is drastic. It is proven that organic searches produce a far higher CTR than paid search ads. So if you are looking to maximize your website traffic from search, SEO appears to be the more reliable choice.

Improve Your Links

Improving your links can help your site. Both internal and external links continue to have a big impact on how your website ranks.

One way to improve the links on your site is to fix your broken links. It is easy to ignore the broken links on your site, but this will create a less-than-ideal experience for your site visitors. You can also receive notifications about mentions of your site on Google Alert. This will help to keep track of brand mentions for your site. 

Page Optimization 

Make sure to tell Google what your pages are about. You can do this by adding structured data throughout your site. The preferred format by Google is Schema. This will help to increase your website traffic. Lastly, make sure all descriptions are both unique and irresistible to click. 

Your SEO and PPC integration will allow you to occupy more real estate on the Google SERP. This means that PPC and SEO work together to push down the competition. They also help to make a stronger brand impression. You can maximize your marketing ROI by using these strategies together. 

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