5 Reasons Why Google Ads is a Dynamic Digital Strategy for Restoration Services in 2020

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5 Reasons Why Google Ads is a Dynamic Digital Strategy for Restoration Services in 2020

Did you know that 63% of people would click on an ad that appears on Google compared to any other search engine? Given the massive reach that Google commands, it makes sense for businesses to invest in Google Ads to drive their business reach and revenue – and this holds true even for restoration businesses.
A well-planned Google ad campaign for your restoration services can effectively display your business brand in all the right places and in the exact moment of need of prospect(s) – effectively driving both engagement and conversions.
If you still need convincing, here are top five reasons why Google Ads is a strategic investment for your restoration business in 2020.

Quick Turn-around Time on you Ads Campaign Results

The one big reason that should convince you to invest in Google Ads for your restoration business in 2020 it is this – with Google Ads you can start expecting results as soon as you start your campaign. Unlike other digital strategies, including SEO, which can often take months to start delivering on results, a robust and well-planned Google Ads campaign can start delivering results – probably within minutes!
And because you have complete control and flexibility when it comes to managing your Google Ads budget, you don’t have to break bank by committing to big ad investment months in advance.

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Delivers a Scalable Marketing Model for your Restoration Business

Google AdWords offers almost limitless potential for customer targeting for businesses. Even if you start with basic search keywords, over a period of time you have the option to scale up on quantity and quality of keywords to meet your ad campaign or marketing requirements thereby targeting a wider audience base.
Based on the kind of returns your campaign garners, you have the freedom to increase the daily spend on your campaign. When you pay more per-click, Google will push up your keyword ranking which can effectively drive generation of clicks and traffic.

Enhance your Decision Making based on Accurate Marketing Insight

Google Ads software gives you deep insight into every aspect of your ad campaign via its impressive set of analytics and data statistics. You will be able to instantly access intelligence into various performance metrics including pay-per-click stats and conversion rate of your campaign. This makes it easy to optimize your strategy and ad spend to improve results and drive your ROI.

Change or Stop your Google Ads Campaign based on Performance

Another reason why Google Ads is the leading advertisement platform for most businesses is that you are not bound by investment or contract to continue your campaign if you don’t see desired results. You can cut down spending in specific underperforming metrics, or simply stop your campaign anytime. Unlike other digital and even print advertisement mediums where you are bound by contract and investment which often spreads out over a lengthy period of time, you can pause your Google Ads for a while and resume after some time or even stop your campaign for good.

Get Ahead of the Competition

While there are a number of other advertising platforms available, the fact remains that none of them command the kind of marketing space like Google. Furthermore, Google Ads is designed to give strategic advantage over your marketplace competition.
SEO continues to be the best way to rank in organic search results, however, an optimized Google Ads campaign can effectively and quickly push up your brand in search results. Simply increase the bidding on high ranking keywords and you can leapfrog organic search results. You can use this strategy to beat your competitors regardless of whether they are using SEO or a similar PPC campaign!

Ready to Invest in Google Ads for your Restoration Business?

Return for your ad investment, complete flexibility and control over every aspect of your ad campaign, deep and accurate insight into campaign data, and fast results makes Google Ads a fantastic marketing strategy for your restoration business.
If you are interested in starting your own Google Ads campaign, then we can help. Contact us at 770-872-8115 or visit us at Killit Online, Inc.


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