5 Ways Restoration Companies Can Use Facebook To Their Advantage


It’s a common misconception that restoration companies can’t successfully advertise on Facebook. Facebook is a social network first, and an advertising platform second. Facebook is all about interaction between individuals which means that your content has to get people talking! Here are a few ways restoration companies can leverage Facebook, and use it to make a positive impact on their business.

1) Build Your Brand And Authority: Restoration companies can use Facebook in a variety of ways, and by far one of the most powerful ways is to use Facebook to build your brand and authority. A social media presence means everything in the modern world, and this rule applies to restoration companies as well. Potential customers want to know that your company is real, reputable, and ready to get the job done! In order to achieve this goal you’ll want to post professional photos of your business, jobs you’ve completed, and/or a photo of all your team members.

2) Sell Your Other Services: When it comes to advertising on Facebook you will not land those high profile water damage, or fire restoration jobs. Or will you? Let me explain, by advertising your peripheral services such as mold removal/remediation, odor removal, tile and grout cleaning, and/or carpet cleaning on Facebook, you can significantly decrease your customer acquisition cost. Now, you won’t make ten thousand dollars on the job, but in acquiring that customer you’ve opened yourself up to getting repeat business for a job of the same size or even something much larger. When done effectively, Facebook marketing (both paid and organic) can help turn those $250 carpet cleaning or tile cleaning jobs into that ten thousand dollar water damage job that you’re REALLY looking for. So to sum it all up, market smaller services and stay in front of those customers after the job so when the big job comes, you’ll be the company that they call.

3) Acquire New Business: Facebook has become an advertiser’s dream come true (to a certain extent). A very powerful tool that’s underutilized is radius targeting to acquire new customers. Depending on how far you’re willing to drive to clean carpets, hardwood floors, or upholstery you can set that radius in Facebook and run different ad campaigns promoting each of those services.


Facebook Advertising Pro Tip: Keep the ads short and sweet, include a deal or discount to encourage users to book your services, and create urgency. For example, “10% Off All Upholstery Cleaning For The Next 8 Hours, Book Your Cleaning Now”


4) Interact WIth Existing Customers: Facebook is great for customer interaction, and retention. You can post links to your blog posts, informational videos, or inform your customers about upcoming deals, or discounts. In order to have customer interaction you need to provide quality content for your customers so they feel inclined to leave a comment. Monitoring the comment section is very important, and should be a priority when it comes to Facebook management.


5) Remarketing: What is remarketing? Remarketing is showing ads to those who have previously interacted with your ad one way or another. Remarketing is a sure fire way to get repeat business, and get it for much cheaper as well. How does remarketing work on Facebook? There are a few ways to remarket on Facebook, the easiest way to remarket to your customers is to upload an e-mail list, and start running ads to that audience. An alternative to that method is to use the data gathered from the Facebook pixel, and run ads to people who visited your website. This method takes a bit of effort, but can yield great results.


Facebook marketing can be very powerful, and can help you grow your business at a reasonable cost. It takes time, hard work, and the willingness to learn how to properly market your business, and the services you provide. The key takeaways are build your brand, and authority by showing how you complete tasks (before and after photos work nicely), sell your other services and offer discounts to intrigue customers to come back, or give you a shot. Interact with existing customers by giving them content that makes them want to interact, and finally; remarketing your services to your customers so they can keep coming back.

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