5 Ways to Rank Your Website on Page 1 of Google Using Social Media


Social media has become a powerful tool to be used by all companies. More importantly it is free and if taken advantage of can have huge benefits. One significant benefit is that it will increase your search engine rank and potentially drive more traffic and sales to your webpage. Listed below are 5 tips to get your page to rank 1 on Google.

Top Ways to Rank Higher in Google

  • Backlinks

By posting on your social media accounts, linking to your webpage will create backlinks. The more links that point to your website, it increases the popularity of your webpage in the eyes of Google. This creates an easy opportunity to rise up the rankings as people are likely to click on them when posted by your relevant page.

  • Social Media Profiles

By having a profile on popular social media like Twitter or Facebook you are guaranteed success. When you search for established companies you often find these profiles on the front page of Google. It is recommended to have a wide range of active profiles for Google to see and rank.

  • Social Signals

Currently things like the amount of retweets or likes you get on a social media status does not actually increase your ranking. However Google is constantly adjusting its search engine algorithm so in the future it could start taking them into account.

  • Searchable Content

Another important factor. It is known Google finds social media content favourable, so you should produce content tailored to what people may be searching for. If done successfully they will find your social profile through Google and in turn lead to your site.

  • Create a Listing

If you are a local business you should ensure they have a Google+ listing. Google prefers to rank Google+ highly, so by having your address and contact information, as well as location on a map, you can easily boost your SEO.


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