6 Keyword Tools to Boost your SEO and KillitOnline!


Choosing strong short and long tailed keywords are the foundation of a strong SEO strategy. The more popular the keywords, the more traffic you can drive to your site. In fact, digital marketing superstars have figured out the formula for success in their industry, sometimes without spending astronomical amounts of money.

How Do You Identify the Best Words to Choose, and Which Ones Will Drive the Most Traffic?

It all starts with choosing a valuable keyword search tool. With so many out there to help you kill it online with your digital marketing, we have scoured the internet to find the most effective tools for you to choose.

Keyword Tool – This is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs to get started. Keyword Tool’s free version offers the user to type a keyword into the search bar, and will generate 750 long-tailed related keywords.

Uber Suggest – What if you are new and do not know which keywords to search? Uber suggest will do the work for you. They start by suggesting keywords to use. You then can run a generic query and analyze the results. Not only will you receive research data on the words you searched, but will also get suggestions on new possibilities.

Buzz Sumo – this tool has its finger on the pulse of social media. Buzz sumo gives you an inside look at what is being shared on the popular social media sites based on the keywords you choose. It will only show the most popular pieces of content related to that keyword, which can help in your content marketing strategy.

Moz Keyword Explorer – This tool takes content marketing and keyword search to a whole new level. Not only does it provide keyword suggestions, but helps you narrow in on a particular niche for your brand. Moz Keyword Explorer will also suggest different blog post ideas based upon the keywords you analyze.

Keyword Spy – Want to know which keywords your competitors are using, AND how much they are paying? Give Keyword Spy a try. Not only can you identify their keywords, PPC investments and areas they are targeting, but you can also identify competitors you did not even know existed.

Wordtracker – Concerned you may not be targeting the best keywords for your business? Wordtracker can help you narrow down the most popular keywords based on related keywords, competitor information and search volume.

Kill It Online Using the Right Keyword Tools!

In order to kill it online in your business and live the life of your dreams, you need to educate yourself on how keywords can help boost traffic to your website. The higher quality the traffic, the more revenue you can ultimately bring in! Take some time to day to explore the keyword tools we discussed, and see how you can create even more effective Google Adword campaigns.


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