6 Ways Bing Ads Can Give Your Restoration Business A Competitive Edge


Local businesses such as your restoration business operate in a highly competitive space. To stay competitive, businesses often resort to lowering their profit margins to attract customers or win bids. However, this is not a sustainable business strategy. Your greater focus always has to be on winning new customers by driving your brand penetration in multiple ways – including running a highly optimized digital ad campaign.
Google Ads currently commands 87.35% of the global share of PPC ads. However, considering there is every chance your competitors are also using Google Ads, the big question is this – can you afford to ignore other ad platforms such as Bing Ads?

Top 6 Benefits of using Bing Ads for your Business

We have already established that Google Ads is the biggest digital ad medium for businesses. However, Bing Ads comes with a number of features and advantages that can give you a competitive edge and effectively supplement your ad targeting.
Interested? Here are six ways Bing Ads can benefit your restoration business.

The Cost Factor

One major challenge that local businesses such as your restoration service face is keeping their ad spending within budget. This is where investing in Bing ads makes for sound business sense – the CPC rates for Bing ads are priced on an average 33.5% cheaper when compared to Google ads. Furthermore, Bing ads often perform better in ad positions when compared to Google ads. So you can expect higher click-through-rates and conversion rates for your ads.

Optimize on Device Targeting

When you use Bing ads, you have the option to decide targeting bids for traffic generated on different device mediums including desktops, tablets, or smartphones. You also have the option to select only those devices that deliver best results and opt out of others. So for example, if your mobile traffic generation is high compared to desktop searches, then Bing allows you to target only mobile searches and opt out of desktop searches.
You cannot do this with Google Ads, since Google does not allow you to opt out of desktop searches.

Directly Import your Ads from Google Ads to Bing

One of the best reasons to invest in Bing Ads is because Bing allows you to directly import your Google Ads to its platform which means you don’t have waste precious time in planning your ad campaign from scratch for Bing.
However, before you do this, there are a few things you need to know about importing your Google Ads to the Bing platform. Consider the following.
• Bing Ads has a different system of minimum bids and budgets compared to Google Ads. Google Ad imports that fall below the default minimum bids limit set by Bing won’t be imported.
• Carefully check out the targeting options offered by Bing since they are different from the targeting options offered by Google Ads.
• When importing items from Google Ads, broad match negative keywords will be treated as phrase match negative keywords by Bing Ads.

Maximize on Demographics Targeting with Bing

Bing Ads allows you to optimize on demographic targeting based on metrics such as age and gender to maximize on the impact of your ads. Google Ads however, allows this kind of demographic targeting only on its Google Display Network.

Bing is Expanding its Market Share

Bing is slowly expanding its footprint. In the US alone, Bing accounts for 33% of all internet search. Bing’s integration with Windows 10 operating system has also helped spur its growth at a much faster pace when compared to Google. This should put to rest any worries you might have about the market share or reach of Bing.

Take Advantage of Social Extensions to Improve Customer Engagement

Another reason to use Bing Ads is because Bing allows you to use ad extensions for your social business pages. You can easily add extensions to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to drive engagement with prospects by encouraging direct conversations with your restoration brand.

Do you want to Invest in Bing Ads for your Restoration Business?

Bing is slowly but steadily expanding its market share and presence as a highly effective advertising platform for local businesses. And while Google Ads continues to dominate the PPC market, Bing Ads delivers a number of benefits for businesses that are looking to minimize costs while driving their click-through-rate and conversion rate.
Do you want to invest in a Bing Ads campaign for your restoration business? If yes, then we can help. Contact us at 770-872-8115 or visit us at Killit Online, Inc. today!


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