7 Things to Keep in Mind When Optimizing Your Mobile Site for Higher Rankings

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More people use mobile devices for internet searching, and that number will keep going up as mobile technology becomes easier to use. For a restoration company this is important, especially if you do emergency restoration services. You want to have a site that works beautifully and easily on mobile devices, and you want to be the top result in search engines. Search engines tend to rank sites that are mobile-friendly higher, so a mobile site redesign will already be helping your ranking.

Consider Responsive Design

Responsive design is a way of designing a website that adapts to fit any size screen without separate design pages. This will automatically optimize your site to the device it’s being read on.

Add Mobile Call Buttons to Your Site

Since so many people look up content on their phones, it’s a great idea to add a mobile call button to your site. This makes it easy for potential customers to click a single button on your website and be connected with you. As a restoration service, the easier it is to get into contact with you, the more likely it is they will become a customer.

Improving Load Speed

Did you know that if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, many people will leave your site? Getting the information people need to them quickly is the first step in building trust in your restoration company.

Eliminate Unnecessary Elements

Images, buttons, and links are important, but too many of them can slow your site down considerably.

Try to Maintain Layout Structure

A redesign doesn’t mean that everything must be completely different. In fact, it is a good idea to try to maintain your original layout as much as possible. There are instances where you will need to make changes to better optimize your site. Try to find a balance between necessary design changes and keeping as close to your original layout as you can.

Keep Security in Mind

Safety and security are critical for search engines. When you redesign your site, your security features, such as your SSL, may go down. This could expose the private information on your website, as well as information your customers have given you.

Focus on SEO

When you redesign your website, you will probably take a hit in your ranking. This is normal, and by making your new website more mobile-friendly you will boost your new potential ranking. Another way to quickly recover your search engine ranking is by optimizing your SEO.

If you are looking for ways to improve your restoration company website ranking, a mobile site redesign can help you in multiple ways. It will take work, and you will need to ensure that everything works well; otherwise, it could make your site rank worse. Search engines analyze sites for ease of mobile use and will rank your site lower if it’s not user-friendly. At KillitOnline, we have website designers and SEO experts who can get your site optimized for the best ranking possible. We specialize in working with restoration companies, and we have plans to fit any budget and need. Contact us today!


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