7 Ways to Automate and Drive your PPC Advertising with ChatGPT

PPC Advertising with ChatGPT

The use of AI-powered solutions in paid search marketing is hardly new. But what about Generative AI like ChatGPT?

If you are not sure or are new to ChatGPT, then continue reading to know what this new bot can do to drive automation for your PPC campaigns.

What is ChatGPT?

Let’s backtrack a little and begin at the very beginning. So let’s start with “what is ChatGPT?”

Launched in November of 2022, Chat GPT is an AI Chatbot developed by Open AI based on a language-based model. Since its launch, ChatGPT has created a huge buzz and in fact it surpassed 100 million users barely two months after it was introduced.

How can you Access ChatGPT?

To use ChatGPT, you need to first create an account at chat.openai.com. For now it’s completely free – for now.

Once you successfully login, you will you’ll see a search-style box – start entering text and take it from there.

As with all AI solutions, the learning curve with ChatGPT is pretty short and you can expect to continually improve by monitoring your results.

And yes, the quality of the responses you get is totally dependent on the quality of the prompts you use.

So for example if you are looking to write a great ad for your Water Damage Restoration business, then make sure you provide the bot with important information which should ideally include details about your product, key benefits, target market, and value proposition.

ChatGPT in PPC

Automation in PPC has been mostly focused on optimizing bidding or identifying the best targeting patterns to drive reach and impact. However, now the focus in also shifting towards text generation for creating better ads. But with ChatGPT, you can go beyond and do so much more for your PPC automation.

Here are seven ways you can use ChatGPT for optimizing your PPC campaigns.

  1. Optimize PPC Ad Creation

Wouldn’t it be great if an AI solution could replicate your strategic logic and thinking when creating RSA ads?

Well, you can do that with ChatGPT.

If you already have a good lineup of grouped keywords and a landing page, then you can go ahead and ask ChatGPT to create Google Ads with multiple headlines and descriptions and suggested images in RSA format.

However, what you should know is that in most cases, ChatGPT ad headlines and number of description lines will exceed the character limits – nothing that some quick edits cannot fix.

  1. Enhance Landing Page Relevance

Sometimes you might notice that your ads keep appearing for search terms that are actually irrelevant.

Here again, you can use ChatGPT for insight on your landing pages and on suggestions on how to optimize the pages effectively to be more PPC focused.

So for example if you are looking to drive paid search traffic to a specific landing page and how to benefit from better conversions, then you could ask ChatGPT for suggestions. You could use the following prompt – I want to drive paid search traffic to this landing page (include URL). Please suggest how it can be improved for higher conversion rate?

Most likely you will be provided with some generic advice in response to your prompt – but it will still be worth your while and you can look at how best to optimize your pages with more relevant text that is more tightly related to your core business.

Detailed and highly specific queries will definitely generate quality responses. So that is something that you will have to work on over time.

  1. Expand PPC Audiences

When you have targeted audiences for your campaigns, it can drive their impact.

What you can do is ask ChatGPT for suggestions on what a particular audience segment (related to a particular search campaign or Performance Max campaign) is interested in and the type of keywords they are most likely to use when looking for those products or services.

Once you have this information, you can then use it to build a specific targeted audience base in Google Ads.

There are a few other use cases where ChatGPT can be used to power your research. Consider the following;

Knowing which sites and channels you should target on Google Display Network for your campaigns is a boon – you can ask ChatGPT for this information. Of course not all the suggestions will be 100% viable. But you can narrow down the list to suit your campaign objectives and goals.

If you want to gain a competitive edge, you can also ask ChatGPT for information on your competitors. Possibly take it a step further and ask for information on their ad spend.

Or if you want to know what aspects of your business a potential prospect might be interested in, and the keywords they might use when looking for business in your domain, then here again ChatGPT can deliver. Once you have this data, you can go ahead and create your target audience in Google Ads.

  1. Boost Keyword Discovery

You can use your website landing pages to prompt ChatGPT to provide you with keywords that are high in relevance.

If you already have a group of keywords, you can ask it to provide information on their relevance and popularity.

You can also ask ChatGPT to suggest related long-tail keywords for your seed keyword.

Or you can ask it to provide you with information on what your target audience is asking about a specific seed keyword.

Even if your ad groups are already running, ChatGPT can help you identify additional related keywords that you can target to drive your ad impact and performance.

  1. Group Keywords by Relevance

Ok so you already know that Google makes use of Quality Score for PPC – it basically favors keyword relevance. This makes it necessary to break up the keywords into smaller related categories. Enter ChatGPT and grouping keywords by relevance becomes easy.

The best part is that you don’t have to continually explain categorization and provide examples to ChatGPT every single time – you can use the same prompt minus the examples and it will still deliver great results!

  1. Drive Search Terms Optimization with ChatGPT

The data that your ad groups collect when they start running can be used for optimizing search terms.

While the manual process of doing so is extremely accurate – it is time consuming. But with ChatGPT you can do the same task, but with greater speed and output.

And you don’t have to even explain relevance to ChatGPT because it understands the concept well.

So all you have to do is go ahead and ask it to take all your search terms for a specific ad group and then rank or group them by relevance.

  1. Optimize Shopping Feed with GPT

When it comes to shopping ads, the focus is on optimizing the feed as opposed to keywords. What this means is that shopping advertisers have to come up with new ideas and suggestions for their products description and titles. Then there is the issue of filling in missing information or data.

But can ChatGPT help with this too? Short answer – YES.

The important thing is that ChatGPT has a solid grasp on semantics and relationships so you don’t have to bother with defining product categories or brands.

All you have to do is provide it with the URL of the product detail page in a Google Sheet and ask ChatGPT to fill in the missing data – it can actually provide pretty accurate descriptions of the product, name the brand and list the category of the product.

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Key Takeaway

ChatGPT can make PPC so much more streamlined and easier – and it is only just getting started. So you can expect a whole lot more of good capabilities and use case opportunities down the line.

The only caveat here is that you will have to carefully monitor the results for accuracy and relevance to your business.

Also ChatGPT is still pretty bad when it comes to math – for now. So double check your numbers always.

If you are dealing with huge quantity of data, you want it neatly arranged and presented. Now ChatGPT responds by offering data in a variety of forms. But you can ask it for the form (bullet points, tabular data, paragraphs, or code) you want – and it will do so.

In conclusion, ChatGPT has certainly created a churn in the space of Generative AI. And this is only the beginning. So hype or no hype, if you are a PPC advertiser, then you should get on board with ChatGPT and unlock its automation and optimization potential for your PPC campaigns.


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