7 Ways to Optimize Your Content for Google SEO

Google SEO

If you have compelling content marketing, this can be a vehicle for modern search engine optimization (SEO). If you have content without an SEO strategy, your site will not keep up in the digital marketplace. Your content needs SEO to stand out. Ensuring that your content is optimized for Google SEO means your site can consistently rank well and stand out from the crowd. Consider hiring a professional at KiLLItOnline to help you with this process. Keep reading to see how you can begin the process of optimizing your content. 

Bring in Your SEO Tools at the Beginning



Don’t wait until the end of your content creation to bring in SEO as your promotional tool. An effective strategy starts with keyword and user intent research. Once you know what your audience is looking for and using, you can begin to integrate content with the correct information. This includes high-quality content that is based on your audience, helps your reader complete a specific task, and features a call to action or clear next step. Long content that contains 1000+ words will rank higher in organic results. It appears thorough. 

Design Good Content



If your users are engaged in the content they are consuming, they will want more and may even share it. Good content design starts with the structure. Make sure the content is simple, clear, coherent, concrete, credible, and even trustworthy. Other things to consider when it comes to your content: make sure it is written to the right audience: it is sharable and scannable; uses strong titles; features ideal results; and is better than current SERP winners. 

Create Content That Is Correct



Not only should your content be enticing, but it should also be correct. You can start by linking to fact-checked and reputable sources. This isn’t just a good technique, but it is also good SEO. The outbound links demonstrate to search engines like Google that you know what you are talking about. 

Check The Keyword Usage 



This starts with understanding how the keywords you are using are being used in your content. With the Google search engine, it is now ineffective to use keyword stuffing. You can still use your keywords, but make sure to use them better. To create high-quality content, avoid stuffing content full of the primary keyword, and organize thematic subsections by primary related keywords. Additionally, use keywords naturally in things like the image text, title, the first 100 words, and the URL. 

Additional Ways To Improve SEO



To make content truly optimized for Google, check to see if your content loads quickly on your site. You can also help Google find and understand your content if the page is included on the site’s XML sitemap. 

Check The Mobile Version



Make sure the content on your site plays well on the mobile version of your site, and that internal links work and point to the content. If your site uses a responsive design, this should not be an issue for you. By making forms and CTSs tappable in your content and images, center-alignment can significantly help your site. 

Check Your URLs



Do not forget to check on your URLs. If these are too long, it can affect your SEO. Good URLs average 59 characters in length. 

For additional SEO tips, contact the professionals at KiLLItOnline. They can help your site rank where it should and make it stand out from the crowd. Give us a call or check out our website today. 


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