8 Easy Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List


Whether you’re new to email marketing or are a regular user of email to reach clients and prospective clients, you will want to continually grow your email distribution list to both add new potential leads and also make up for subscribers who may have dropped off your list. But, just telling visitors to your website to join your mailing list is not enough. These people want to perceive some value in return for providing their email address. Assuming your enticement to subscribe—a coupon, a percent off, a series of information—provides the value people want, your next step is to add subscribers. But how? Keep reading to learn some of the best ways to gain that all-important permission to add a new subscriber to your email marketing list.

How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

    1. Make your opt-in form eye-catching, attractive, and detailed enough so there can be no doubt what the incentive is. Some businesses use what’s called a lightbox signup form that pops up within seconds of someone visiting your website. Either you love ‘em or your hate ‘em, but many businesses have reported excellent results from using them.
  1. Entice viewers with a contest. “Join our email list and win big!” The prize can be whatever is relevant to your community of viewers: a free service, a free widget, a percent-off coupon, or a chance to be represented on your website as a valued customer—use your imagination and offer what you personally might value.
  1. Put your subject matter expertise to work with a newsletter. When you provide helpful information or useful tips and insights, subscribers learn, and may even share your newsletter with others, thereby increasing your reach and possibly gaining even more subscribers.
  1. Make it easy for your current subscribers to spread the word about your amazing emails. Provide buttons and links for social sharing, liking on Facebook, emailing to a friend, etc.
  1. Speaking of social media… Use your own Facebook page or Twitter account to encourage friends and followers to join your email list.
  1. Include a link in your own email signature so readers can click on it and be immediately directed to a page that lets them sign up to receive you marketing emails.
  1. Use video or YouTube to promote your business, your brand, your expertise. And let viewers know there’s more where that came from when they sign up to receive your informational emails.
  1. Paper and pencil works too. Keep a good ‘ole fashioned notepad handy when at networking events, tradeshows, etc., and simply ask for people you’ve been chatting with to sign up.

When you place a clear call to action on your website or social media platforms for visitors to simply “Click here” to sign up for your marketing emails, you’re obtaining more than just valid permission from the individual to receive your information, you’re simultaneously increasing your lead-generation base.


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