8 Tips to Write a Better Facebook Ad


Facebook is one of the best channels when advertising on social media, and it has been noted that more than 2/3rds of Facebook users in the United States log in at least once daily to check their Facebook profile and communicate. It is still the highest when compared to its competition – Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. So writing and promoting a top Facebook ad can actually help you get the boost you need for marketing.

Now, the question is: how to make your Facebook ad successful? Here are nine top tips to help you get better results while posting ads.

  1. Choosing the right audience: The number of people on Facebook is actually a lot, and you can, therefore, pick and choose who you want to view the ad, and who you don’t. So let’s say you want to target young women who like to shop for shoes, then while placing your ad you can choose the target as women under 30 who are interested in shoes.
  1. Keep your goals straight: With too many options your prospects would be confused. Try maintaining a set of goals and an understanding of what they are looking to get from your products or services. When someone clicks on the ad, they should have a single offer to go to – which would help narrow down the focus easily.
  1. Add an image: This really helps – pictures say a thousand words, and on Facebook, using an image to put your point across is really helpful. Add an image to your post to get more people interested in your product/service. Don’t post irrelevant photos. There are many cool image tools available which you can use to make your own ad image.
  1. Don’t write the same copy for everyone: People like feeling special. If you write the same stuff for everyone, then you would actually lose out on a good number of customers. Write a different ad for a different demographic, make it sound more personal and relevant rather than distant and generic.
  1. Don’t make it long: People get bored easily. On an average, your ad will get a limited amount of time to impress, so put in the important points and don’t make it too long because that truly kills the excitement. Just because you are spending money on it doesn’t mean that you have to fill up your ad with unnecessary words.


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