Ad testing gleans optimal results


Platforms like Google Adwords provide a number of features that can assist in optimizing your marketing strategies, but at some point in the process, you have to cease relying on the digital aspects of the industry and engage that organic creative gray matter floating inside your skull.

The challenge often is deciding how you can best put your ads together so that all elements blend perfectly and leads to your desired goals. This can be accomplished with multivariate testing, according to Search Engine Land.

First, utilizing numerical values is one way to get the attention of your viewers with customer base and product usage and establish your business as viable service or product outlet.

Second, subtle changes in your language and presentation style can mean the difference between making a sale or not. Knowing the best approach for your primary customer base, observing what works and what does not, is key to a successful marketing campaign.

The third point also pertains to language, more specifically, the first word in your call to action (CTA) statement. If it seems too aggressive, some people may be offended where others believe you are a serious business. It’s up to decide which works best for your audience base. Then there is the matter of where to place your CTA. The multivariate testing can help you decide this feature in your ads to achieve the optimal result.

As you test multiple variations on arrangement of these elements and others, like keyword usage and brand name usage.


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