Adobe Introduces“Sensei” – A Framework of AI Services across its Clouds


 Adobe recently announced a framework of intelligent services across its clouds called “Sensei.” Coined after the Japanese word for “teacher,” Sensei has been designed to make the company’s ever expanding set of cloud-based intelligent services available throughout its Marketing, Creative and Document Clouds.

EVP and CTO Abhay Parasnis while talking about Sensei explained the name choice and said – “Sensei, ‘master’ or ‘teacher’ in Japanese, is the perfect term to describe the deep expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning we have built into our platform.”

Adobe’s Marketing Cloud’s Device Co-op designed to help with identifying users across devices is run by Sensei. The Marketing Cloud’s Anomaly Detection which helps highlight campaign inconsistencies while also providing solutions is also powered by Sensei.

Some of the Sensei-powered features in the Marketing Cloud include – Intelligent Alerts that have been designed to highlight those events which are statistically significant to a user and also learns about specific events that are of greater value.   While Automated Insights Designed for digital ads, provide recommendations on budget allocations which show greater ROI potential.

Sensei features for the Creative Cloud include – visual search, “find images like this,” Auto Lip Sync, and Face-Aware Liquify that adjust the user’s facial features in an image. For the Document Cloud Sensei features include – natural language processing which help in document and topic analysis, semantic structure analysis, and identifying differences or any similar elements in documents.

Adobe currently runs a wide number of intelligent services in its clouds. Prior to Sensei, the company had also announced new services in March and May. However, with the launch of Sensei, Adobe’s services portfolio is not only growing in numbers but also in strength with respect to application in an increasingly “intelligent” cloud space.

Visit this page to learn more about Sensei.


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