Email Marketing: Relatively Inexpensive and Well-Targeted

Email Marketing is a fast and easy way to bring business directly to your door. The concept is relatively straightforward. You gather email addresses from potential and current customers and send them a newsletter that wows them and draws them to your business.

As a direct result, they purchase your product or service. From there, they tell everyone: friends, family, and all their social media followers. Though the concept seems basic enough, the process is a little more complicated. It takes some attention to the details that we are happy to handle at KiLLit OnLine.

The First Challenge: The Delete Button

How many emails do you delete on a daily basis? You probably delete more emails than you actually read. In fact, for many people, deleting “junk” mail is the first step in the process of reading inbox content. These days, it’s getting more and more difficult to catch people’s attention through email marketing.

The Next Challenge: New Technology

We love smartphones. They make our lives easier and more connected every day. In fact, we’ve used smartphone technology to help different businesses with their marketing needs. However, it’s easier than ever to delete emails without reading them. When you read from your smartphone, you’re looking at smaller fonts. Your emails can also appear more cluttered and more compact than they do when you look at your inbox from a computer.

Is Email Marketing Still Worth It?

In a word, yes. With all of the challenges that come with email marketing, you might wonder why you would even bother trying. However, at KiLLit OnLine, we haven’t abandoned the idea of email campaigns. The potential benefits of email far outweigh the challenges. Email marketing is a low-cost, relatively easy way to keep old clients updated as well as to gain some new clients. But it’s imperative you know how to work with the challenges and set yourself apart from every other generic email campaign that lands in the digital trash bin.

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    Creating a Database

    We begin by creating a database of ideal clients for your email marketing campaign. Some companies like to throw emails in every direction, hoping in vain that they might gain some clients out of sheer numbers. The reality is that this technique is more likely to result in a lot of frustrated people hitting the “unsubscribe” button before breakfast.

    When it comes to creating a database, it is crucial that you judge what is best for your situation. For instance, it may involve data entry from already compiled addresses. Sometimes this is as simple as sending out ads.

    However, it could also mean creating boxes on your web space to farm that information. Evaluating what works best for you is part of putting together a successful email marketing plan. This process can get confusing, which is why we like to apply systems that we’ve already tested. We tailor our methods to your specific needs, giving you a balance of personalization and well-practiced technique.

    The Wow Factor

    Congratulations! You have the perfect subject line that sparks enough curiosity for readers to open your email. But wait, you’re not out of the woods just yet. You still need to convince the reader that this email isn’t just another piece of junk mail. You need one more piece to gain this person’s trust. What is it? It's called the “Wow” factor. Just sending an email with your company name is valuable in some regard.

    However, when the email comes with something the potential customer cannot forget, like a limited time exclusive sale, you grasp their attention. Knowing which tools will drive a reader from an email to your website takes a bit of psychological understanding. For instance, did you know that people respond to time limits? Or that people need some risk minimization before they try a new service?

    In addition to these attention-getting techniques, you want to tailor your email campaign to your business. You want to create correspondence that’s emotional, funny, or informative and deliver it through articles, graphics or infographics. Your email tone will depend on your business, your personality, and your own preferences. Creating your email marketing plan with KiLLit OnLine can lay down a schedule that keeps your communications fresh and purposeful. We’ll work with you to set the right tone.

    Now, Go Kill it Online

    Is all of this information making your head spin yet? Are you a little unsure about where to start? It’s going to be okay.

    There are ways to make email marketing work best for your business. Developing a plan with KiLLit OnLine is the first step to successful marketing. We can go through the options to determine what works best for your company.

    We will work with you at every step, developing personal, attention-grabbing email campaigns to help your business soar. We don’t just care about buzzwords and search engines. We care about helping small businesses because we know what it’s like to struggle for attention online. Our job is to help you get the results you are looking for. Now let’s get started on your fantastic email campaign.

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