How Active Is Your Online Presence?

At one point, having a website meant that you were on the cutting edge and technologically advanced. Today, having a website isn’t enough. You also need a social media presence. At KiLLit OnLine, we have a lot to say about social media in general, because of our experience and expertise with the various platforms like Facebook.

Social media is crucial to maintaining your company’s presence online. You can use it to connect and guide people to your website. Out of all the social media accounts that you could set up, Facebook is the most important. In fact, if you only set up one social media account, you should make it a Facebook account.

Why Facebook Is Different

There are many well-established social media websites. However, Facebook has been around the longest, and it’s not going to go anywhere anytime soon. Even people who don’t use social media much tend to have a Facebook account, which means that your ideal clients and customers are already on Facebook. One of the best ways to drum up business is to meet your clients where they are. Every social media platform appeals more to specific demographics than to others. Facebook, however, remains steady all across the board. Facebook appeals to people of all ages, races, genders, and political demographics.

It doesn’t end there, either. Each social media platform tends to attract a particular type of person. Instagram, for example, is very popular among visual artists who need a place to share their work. Parents love to use Instagram as a way to share family photos. Twitter has strong niches with comedians, activists, writers, and academics. But Facebook attracts all of these different niches. It serves as a kind of “home base” platform for all sorts of people.

Many highly influential people choose to funnel all of their posts through Facebook, letting their Instagram and Twitter posts appear on Facebook’s timeline. They know that even those who don’t use Instagram or Twitter will see their content on the one site that virtually everybody uses. They don’t want to limit their visibility. Neither should you.

All Tones, All Types

Facebook is excellent for all types of businesses because of its flexibility. Social media tends to be very specific in how people can share information. Instagram, for example, is an image-based platform, which is why it appeals to artists and families.

Twitter is a word-based platform that relies on succinctly formed thoughts. However, Facebook is great for both. Almost any way you choose to share information will be at home on Facebook. Want to share articles with your followers? Great! Go ahead and post them to Facebook.

Do you prefer long-form thoughts, or would you rather get straight to the point? On Facebook, either way, is just fine. Although Facebook won’t give you many customization options, you can still tailor your page in this way to fit your company. You won’t waste any time trying to learn the rules or adapt. Facebook allows your company to maintain its own style and voice, and you’ll be able to find the group of people that will appreciate that voice and visit your website as a result.

A Good Starting Point

So, you’re ready to get started with social media but aren’t sure where to start. At KiLLit OnLine we highly recommend starting with Facebook. All of the reasons listed above mean that Facebook is very beginner-friendly. You can take all the time you need to figure out how you’re going to present your voice on the site. It’s easy to learn as you go, and any questions you might have about your own Facebook presence, such as what kind of content you’ll post and how often you’ll visit the site, are easily answered along the way.

If you do decide to branch out into other types of social media, Facebook can serve as a primer of sorts. Figuring out the basics of business social media prepares you for other social media sites like Twitter or Instagram. The more social media platforms you use, the more your company benefits.

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    The Challenge of Facebook

    Unfortunately, your Facebook page often comes with all of the challenges of a website and then some. One common challenge comes from SEO. When working with your site, you get a little more flexibility when it comes to search engine optimization. For instance, you might find that where you place the keyword is just as relevant as using a keyword in the first place. Facebook doesn’t give you as many options for keyword placement, but you still have to pay attention to SEO. Obviously, your Facebook page can’t serve as a funnel to your website if people can’t find your Facebook page.

    If you’re new to social media for business, you also have to figure out your customer communication dynamics. If you already use Facebook for personal communication, then you probably noticed that people now have options other than the “like” button to interact with your posts. Some people like to use the “angry” button for little to no reason at all. Others will use a business page as a source to air grievances, whether or not the complaints are warranted. How do you go about interacting with these customers, and how do you keep them from impacting your online reputation?

    KiLLit OnLine

    In spite of all of these issues, Facebook will always be an invaluable resource for your company. Facebook can be a fantastic way to gain new clients and establish rapport with existing ones. It adds a personal touch to your business and makes you appear trustworthy. The key is to navigate the challenges while reaping the benefits. We know how to do just that. Let us remove the stress by helping you create and manage your page. With our technology and social media knowledge, we’ll help you keep your business engaging and relevant.

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