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Advertising on Google can seem truly terrifying if you don’t know how to go about doing it. Advertising REQUIRES research, planning, and dare I say the cojones to even attempt doing it in the first place. Afterall, you’re putting yourself, and your brand out there for the whole world to see. This is greatly amplified by the power of the internet. But instead of being scared of the beast known as advertising; let’s take control complete control of it, and do it better than anyone’s ever done it before!

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A few things to keep in mind whilst reading this
awesome case study

Our client is in the...

Restoration Industry

Doesn’t have…

Gobs of money for marketing

Average CPC for this industry is...


With an average cost per click of $42 and a relatively small marketing budget, getting a positive ROI for this client may seem like a pipedream. But that’s EXACTLY why we desperately wanted this client!, To show that our process for success works! And That it’s repeatable!

Research & Discovery

Established company on the east coast came to us with a common problem, they were not generating enough leads for their business. Their business had not yet become “modern” and since ever YP sunk they had relied mostly on word of mouth and insurance referrals to get jobs. They had an established website and had spent a bunch of money on an Google Ads campaign that didn’t bring any jobs. In this business phone calls are king, so getting that phone ringing is the most important thing to everyone in this industry.

This is actually a good thing because it provides us with a trackable measurable metric for success. Upon review, the website was plain, outdated, and lacked basic trust and conversion elements. Ironically, there was barely any mention of the phone number outside of the footer and contact page.

Continuing our due diligence with the client. We audited the Google Ads campaign to see what had been done in the past. Even though we knew that the website wasn’t built for conversions, having a look at the Google Ads data can still be beneficial in recognizing the cost per click for the area and the kind of keywords that were being targeted. Depending on what we find here lets us know how large of an impact we can have by implementing our system.

Going into this client’s Google Ads was exciting and scary at the same time. We knew it would be bad, but what we encountered was nothing short of terrifying!. Whomever was running their ads had no idea what he/she was doing, and it showed. A mismanaged Google Ads account can be VERY costly and may deter a company from trying it again upon initial failure.

Here Are a Few Things We Discovered While Auditing Their Google Ads Account

  • Campaigns were running all over the United States ( This client only serves those within a 40 mile radius)

  • ALL campaigns were running on both the display, and search network

  • Ads were only running Monday through Friday (This client is open 24/7, 365)

  • Using all broad match keywords

  • Dumped all their keywords into one ad group and made different ads for said keywords

  • ZERO negative keywords

  • Generic ad copy

  • Sending traffic to hardly relevant landing pages


Our solution was to take a comprehensive approach to this client and implement our full 4 step lead generation system that we’ve implemented for hundreds of clients in the past.

Step 1

Optimize Website for Conversions

Typically, when a business wants to our help generating leads online there are inevitably budget concerns. This is especially true when it comes to getting a new website. After all, the website and landing pages are the single most important parts of any online marketing campaign. Although we usually try to work with the existing website that our clients have, in this case we had to completely start from scratch.

We proposed a brand new website complete with content and separate landing pages for each service, call tracking, one touch call buttons for mobile, among other features The website was finished in 5 weeks and we were ready for step 2.

WATCH 9 Secrets to a high conversion landing page

Website Before

Website After

Step 2:

Increase relevant Traffic

This is where the rubber hit the road. Once the website was finished it was ready for some traffic. We set up the Google Ads account with only 5 search campaigns using a moderate budget and moderate bids. In the early parts of a PPC campaign its important to gather as much data as possible and monitor terms that are clicking ads to prevent waste.

The other important part of preventing waste is our list over over 2,000 negative keywords that is proven to prevent wasted clicks. We let it run for a couple of days at moderate bids and budgets before making adjustments and increasing the bids and budget to what is appropriate for a first page bid.

Step 3:

Return Path

The return path is where we bring previous visitors back to our new, beautiful website. Often times, when people need a non emergency service, they visit a few places before they finally decide on a service provider. Setting up a remarketing campaign allows us to stay in front of these previous visitors for free and only pay when they click on our ad. Remarketing is much cheaper in cost per click but it also brings back a prospect that is much warmer and ready to do business on the second visit.

Step 4. Tracking and Optimization

We set up Click fraud to prevent competitors clicking on our ads to run us out of budget, and we also set up call tracking and conversion tracking to acurately monitor our results and make adjustments.

After The 4 Step system Was Complete
Here is a basic breakdown of what we had done

  • Redesigned and Wrote All content for Client’s website

  • Created 5 Google Ads Search Campaigns Separated by Service to include Restoration and Cleaning Services

  • Targeted people living within a 40 mile radius of their business location

  • Ran ads day and night with bid adjustments on mobile devices

  • Used broad match modified, phrase, and exact match keywords

  • Used our list of over 2,000 negative keywords for the restoration industry

  • Wrote 3 ads for each adgroup with compelling ad copy proven to convert well


We Killed it! The graphic Below says it all but let’s break it down.

In case you didn’t know, the average cost for a restoration click is about $42 nationwide. For this Client we are getting restoration clicks for $20 and $16, less than half of the national average.

Also our conversion rate is crushing it at an average of 16.5%! All of our hard work is paying off and now our client is getting restoration leads calling his phone at a cost of about $114 per lead-that surely beats any lead generation company that likes to sell leads starting at 275/lead.


Through lots of research and years of Google Ads experience we were able to take a client who was failing on Google Ads to a force to be reckoned with in their local area. The phone calls our client received were from highly qualified prospects, and were attained for a price that was half the average cost per click. Believe it or not we are actually not even close to being done with this Client.

We haven’t even started on Local SEO (getting them at the top of Google maps), Reputation management (Getting more reviews), or our special High Conversion PPC landing pages. We can’t promise these results for everyone but if you are struggling to increase the amount of leads coming into your business give us a call and let’s talk about your business, your goals and what we can help you accomplish.

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