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Digital marketing flips the script on advertising. It requires a fair amount of strategizing in the beginning, but once you’ve established a good marketing funnel, it starts working for you quickly and keeps working for you on a long-term basis. Traditional advertising is like fishing. You cast your net and hope that the fish will come to you, but you can never be sure how successful you’ll be. Sometimes the bait works, but it takes a lot of time, and you might not have that kind of time right now.

Marketing funnels work differently. With the use of social media, you already have an active audience interested in your product or service. Most consumers are more likely to try a product when they see favorable information and reviews on social media. Let us create a marketing funnel for you that turns strangers into customers and customers into brand ambassadors for your business. You don’t have to work for your advertising campaigns. They should work for you.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

Picture a funnel. Now imagine that your website is waiting patiently at the narrow end of the funnel. Once your new clients start to travel through that funnel and find your website, they can start buying your service or product. You just have to get them to arrive in the first place. People will reach your website if the other side of the funnel is wide enough. The goal of the market funnel is to drive future clients to your website by providing them with a lot of different sources to get there. Unlike with the fishing metaphor, you won’t just catch a few new clients at a time. In the right space, you’ll quickly see a lot of new traffic as clients circle down the funnel. Using a marketing funnel is working smarter, not harder.

Building a Funnel

If you bring the funnel to a space that is empty, nobody will be able to reach your website. If, however, you bring your funnel to the spaces where people hang out, you’ll help more and more people to reach your business. That’s why we like to start with social media and search engines. Creating your social media presence starts with a little research. There are demographics available that identify which social media platform appeals to what kind of audience.

Choosing a couple of platforms to focus on may be best for your business model. However, blasting as many networks as you possibly can may work better for the goals you are trying to achieve. It all depends on your type of business, your ideal client list, and of course, your own personality and preferences.

At KiLLit OnLine, we sit down with your business and find the place that you fit best. Creating those accounts is the next step. As experts on all types of social media platforms, we can help you to set up your accounts easily. From there, we create a plan that pulls people from social media platforms and brings them to your business website. Lastly, you want to create a way that visitors share your information. It’s okay if you need some time to process all of this information. We outline all of this and provide more information in the personalized plan we create for your business.

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    New Funnels from Good Reviews

    Word of mouth is one of the best strategies for increasing your customer base. We may use word of mouth a bit less literally now than we did in the past, but the same principle applies: good reviews are everything. As you increase your social media presence, you increase your number of opportunities to interact with more potential customers.

    As more people travel through the funnel to visit your website, more people will become available to spread the word if they like your product or service. This way, your most loyal customers create small funnels of their own, leading others to your website and creating more business for you.


    Keep Them Visiting the Funnel

    Most people don’t complete a purchase on their first trip to a new website. They’ll need multiple visits and several good reviews before they develop enough trust to commit to a purchase. That’s why it’s so important to give visitors many chances to see your site. You need to keep them coming back for more so that they’ll have the confidence to make that first purchase. Thankfully, you can still use marketing funnel strategies to keep visitors and increase good reviews. KiLLit OnLine can help you develop a strategy for turning one-time visitors into repeat business.

    Why We’re Different

    Our team at KiLLit OnLine doesn’t just understand social media. We do it all from website design to SEO research. We like to look at the internet as a whole, not as several pieces. That way, when we do have to zoom in on one portion, such as social media or search engine optimization, we can do so with a broader sense of context. What does this mean for you? It means that we can take the strategies that we’ve learned all across the board and apply those strategies to your marketing funnel.

    We’ll place your marketing funnel exactly where it needs to be so that it can serve you and your business. At KiLLit OnLine we understand the methods of a marketing funnel. We know that the end result is to gain repeat visits, repeat purchases, and advocacy from satisfied consumers.

    When people move through your marketing funnel, your business grows. Having a social media presence does not just mean that you have an account on social media. It means that you have people actively working that account to make the funnel work for you. Allow us to be a part of your team. Call us today to build your marketing funnel.

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