Case Study on Mold Remediation

Google Ads! One of two things happen when a business owner hears those words. They’ll either cringe and tell you that it’s a total waste of time and money; or they’ll be happy to talk about it because they know how beneficial and vital it is to the success of their business. Google Ads, IF DONE RIGHT can yield unbelievable results, and bring in new customers for a cheaper price than any of the other referral networks.

The reason why I bolded the words “if done right” is because I wanted to stress the importance of setting up your Google Ads account correctly. If your Google Ads account isn’t set up correctly, it can drain your entire budget without even showing your ads on Google Search (yes it happens, we see it all the time). The goal of this case study is to open your eyes to the power of Google Ads, and to inspire you to give it a shot.

Case Study Begins

Few things to keep in mind whilst reading this awesome case study

Our client is in the...

Cleaning/Restoration Industry

Doesn’t have….

Gobs of money for marketing

Average CPC for this industry is...


With an nationwide average cost per click of $11 and a modest marketing budget, our goal for this client was a very simple one. Get them clicks for less than $11/click, and get them new customers for less than what they’re getting them from their referral network.

The Problem

This particular client of ours tried Google Ads in the past, and were left with a bad taste in their mouth. We wanted to know why they had such a negative experience so we dove deep into their Google Ads account and what we found was nothing short of terrifying.

  • Campaigns were running all over the United States (This client only serves those within a 40 mile radius)

  • ALL campaigns were running on both the display, and search network

  • Ads were only running Monday through Friday (This client is open 24/7, 365)

  • Using all broad match keywords

  • Dumped all their keywords into one ad group and made different ads for said keywords

  • ZERO negative keywords

  • Generic ad copy

  • No device bid adjustments

Our Solution

We used our expertise and did exactly the opposite of what was done in their account before.
Here’s how we set our client up in Google Ads.

  • Campaigns only showed within their 15 mile radius for mold remediation

  • Search and display campaigns were kept separate

  • Ads ran all day everyday because this client is open 24/7

  • Ad schedules were added so our ads appeared during peak hours of activity

  • Keywords were in broad match modified, phrase, and exact match only

  • Each service had its own campaign, and we used SKAGs (single keyword ad groups) for the top performing keywords

  • We used our list of over 500 negative keywords

  • Each campaign had brand new ad copy specific to each service

  • Device bid adjustments were implemented for the best performing devices

  • Ad extensions were implemented

If you’d like to learn more about which setting we choose for our clients and why, click this link here to find out *link to “How to choose the right Google Ads settings article”*


All of our campaigns are set up, AND set up right; so what kind of results were we able to get for our clients?

Strap in people, we’re about to blow you away!

I’m serious….


Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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What you’re looking at here is the data we gathered from the month of April.

  • Our average cost per click was below the national average of $11/click

  • We had a total of 23 conversions (phone calls)

  • Our conversion rate was an astounding 32.39%!

  • Our cost per conversion also known as cost per lead was an outstanding $30.66

  • We were bringing this client mold remediation leads for $30!

Call log for the month of April.

Slow for the first week because we were still trying to establish ad rank, and increase our quality score with Google.

But once those calls started coming in, they didn’t seem to stop.

We got this client so many jobs in April we had to pause their campaigns because they were backed up with work!

Great problem to have huh?

With over 9 years of marketing data for the restoration and cleaning industries our system is like plug and play at this point.

We follow a strict guide as to how to setup your keywords and ads in such a way that people can’t help but click on your ads.

We speak the language people!

We know what keywords to rank for, and which ones to avoid like the black plague

These are the ones you want to rank for :)

We use verbiage that addresses all of the users concerns, and puts them at ease.

The Numbers

May 1st we had a PPC follow up with this client to go over their Google Ads performance, and the figures they gave us were nothing short of astounding!

Google Ads spend: $2,093.24

Their invoice: $28,600

No I assure you I didn’t hit one too many zeros when typing, they really got $28,600 worth of mold jobs with only $2,093.24 in ad spend.

Our campaigns produced a $30 cost per lead, AND lead to almost $30,000 worth of jobs in only 1 month!


Through endless, and on-going research and years of Google Ads experience we were able to change this client’s perspective on Google Ads by getting them RESULTS! This client is now a force to be reckoned with in their local area, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down one bit. The phone calls our client received were from highly qualified prospects, and were attained for a price that was less than the national average cost per click for mold remediation.

The cost per lead was way less than what they were paying through their referral network! Believe it or not we are actually not even close to being done with this Client. We haven’t even started on Local SEO (getting them at the top of Google maps), Reputation management (Getting more reviews), or our special High Conversion PPC landing pages. We can’t promise these results for everyone but if you are struggling to increase the amount of leads coming into your business give us a call and let’s talk about your business, your goals and what we can help you accomplish.

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