Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Google AdWords PPC Campaigns

Google AdWords is one of the many tools available for online marketing. Here are a few reasons why we prefer Google AdWords to other tools.


Using paid advertising opens up opportunities to improve business during the slow season. For example, during the winter season, it is tough to generate more business. Yet, on occasion, there’s a passing event, like a snowstorm. A major upset in the weather can cause pipes to freeze over. You’re expecting to see a spike in business during these moments. Well, that’s when Google AdWords comes in more useful than SEO. Your campaign can go live within 3 hours, putting you at the top of Google’s first page.

Highly-Targeted Visitors

It is easy to attract highly-targeted visitors to your website with PPC advertising. Whether you plan to promote a specific service, or showcase a certain product, you’ll need to target an audience. You can promote your services with separate campaigns to showcase your products.

You can choose to run your campaign based on location, timing, or days of the week. Customize it to make your campaign more successful.

Location-based Campaign

If your business depends on local clients, this is going to be important. You can choose whether your ads reach people in a specific zip code, city, town, or county. If you’re a national brand you can target countries as well. Location-based campaigns allow you to advertise to an individual within a certain radius. You would want someone who is up the block searching for your services to find you. Depending on your business needs, this would be an effective way to drum up new clients.


Time based campaigns are great for business that provide time-sensitive services. With research, you can see what time of day potential clients search for your services. In that case, it may be best for you to create a campaign that runs for certain hours throughout the day.

Days of the Week

One of the most powerful strategies for companies is to run ads based on certain days. Most businesses close after 6 p.m., and even on weekends. A customer who has an emergency and might requires your services can find you on Google and place a call, only to find that no one answers. That client is likely to move on to the next business on the list.

By targeting your ads for dates and times that you are open and working, you can make the most of your business. Remember, it’s not plain traffic that you’re looking for. It’s to convert individuals into customers. By focusing on specific needs, clients are more likely to find and hire you.

Measurable Results

Google Adwords are simple, efficient, and easily measurable. There’s a saying amongst business owners that goes, “half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half!” With Google AdWords, this is not the case. When you’re running an ad campaign, you can log in to your Adwords account and track every aspect of your campaign. Calls, clicks, impressions, and conversions are all tracked. You can see how much you spent and track where you made a profit. By keeping track on a daily basis, you can save yourself a lot of stress and money.

Controlling Marketing Costs

One of the best features of Google AdWords is the ability to log on and change how much you’re spending at any time. If your business is having a good day, you may decide that you want to expand your marketing budget. You can do it right then and there. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise.


Remarketing is a great way of creating or expanding your brand. Remarketing is remaking your ad campaigns to completely re-engage an audience. Showing targeted ads to visitors who have already visited your site is a no-brainer. It’s so common that the internet has made targeted ads into a routine joke. When you shop on a certain website or do a Google search, you’ll notice that you begin getting ads for those products even when you’re on a completely different website. It’s almost like the internet can read your mind! This feature is actually making marketing more intuitive. So, if you have a client who owns a home that requires regular services, they will start to see your ads more often.

The cost of remarketing is about 50 cents or less. On average, it can cost you around $100 a month. We’ve seen this type of marketing increase conversions for clients. We recommended it for almost every industry.

Generating Leads From Google Adwords

The thing is, it’s not about how much you are paying Google per click. It is about how good your ad copy, keywords, and landing pages are. If you have made sure that your ad copy and landing pages are attractive and easy to navigate, there is a much higher chance of getting a better CTR.

This is where AdWords is better than Bing and Yahoo. If you invest more in those search engines, your site will get featured on top of those searches. However, what’s the point of being on top of the search page if you aren’t getting anyone to click on your ads? Google, on the other hand, looks at everything. It checks your website, keyword concentration, ad copy, and ease of navigation. It will rank you as per the number of clicks that you’re getting with these aspects. This makes it easier for Google to make more money even if you are paying less. Your CTR will be higher and Google will get more money for the ads. This is a win-win.

Good ad copy is imperative. It will connect the clients to your business. Your copy is what will build enough trust with the client for them to reach out and make that initial contact. Writing should be personable, genuine, and provide a connection. There should be a clear call to action (phone number, contact form, etc.) for them to act upon.

Ad Extensions

Have you seen those ads that cover a major chunk of the screen on both desktop and mobile devices? These ads are using ad extensions. These ads are only possible when you have perfectly synced landing pages. In your AdWords account, you have to add multiple landing pages. People prefer to avoid doing extra, even scrolling down. That means if your ad covers the whole screen they are likely to click.

You will need to add structured snippets, extensions, and call-out extensions to make sure that the right landing page is visible. The right landing page must be relevant to what your customer was looking for. If your business has a BBB rating, make sure that is visible in your account, because Google will give you an additional line in the ad for it.

Call Extensions

Google Adwords has an option where you can add your phone number. This will make sure that your ad boldly displays the phone number in the text itself. This is vital for mobile devices from where the customer can make the call with a single click.

Price Extensions

Google Adwords also provides you with an option to add prices for every service. So if you want to promote your business’ low costs or cost-effectiveness, you can go ahead and do that. This will attract customers who search for specific services in that price range.

Review Extension

By now, all businesses are aware of the effects of good and bad reviews. Customer feedback is a great thing! It enables businesses to get to know their clientele and tailor their services. Plus, customers love to know the ins and outs of a business before they decide to work with them. Good, or at least honest reviews will be a big driver of business.

If you have a good rating on BBB, you can show the rating right there with the ad itself. Google AdWords will give you an additional line showing your rating. The ratings you have on Yelp or Angie’s List will not matter in the rankings for better CTR. You need to keep in mind that getting a good rating on Google Business page, Yelp or Angie’s list is very easy. Anyone can have their friends and family members write reviews and skew the system. So, AdWords approves the BBB for ratings.

Ad Cost Based On Device Types

In Google Adwords, under devices, you can decide how much you are going to pay for mobile or desktop ads. As mobile devices are more popular these days, you can choose to run ads exclusively for mobile apps.

How to Profit From Google AdWords
Campaign Structure Based Upon Area

In Google Adwords, you can target your campaign based on a specific area. If you have a bigger budget for the ads, you can have separate campaigns. For example, a city that has recently undergone a natural disaster might be in need of pipe repair services. With AdWords, you make it so that your ad campaign will show up only for the houses or business in the affected area. People prefer to go use local business to make sure they get that service in a shorter period of time.

Emphasis on Area Selection

When you design new ad campaigns, its vital to make sure that you are targeting areas where you actually provide services. This seems obvious, but it is surprising how often this gets overlooked.

For example, if you are paying for an ad to show across the entire US or Canada, but you’re a local Texas brand, it’s a waste. Nationwide ads are only helpful if you can provide services nationwide. Make sure your ads are appealing to your local clients instead.

Negative Keywords in Campaigns

Let’s talk about a common big mistake that many businesses commit while learning the online advertising game. There are times when a certain campaign idea launches to drum up business. The problem is that sometimes, that idea has nothing to do with the business or its services! Kind of like click-bait, where a customer is expecting one thing because of tricky wording and gets something totally else. In marketing, it’s known as ‘negative keywords’.

It’s those keywords that can trigger irrelevant ad placement where your services have no match to the query the user has put in the search bar. Anyone who has used a search bar has come across these.

Say you’ve posted a photo on your business’ website captioned, “water damage repair photos.” You’re trying to target those individuals who love to see photos before they hire a company, as well as post up a proud moment for your business. Now, what often happens with ambiguous phrases is that Google can misinterpret them. Suddenly, your ad is being shown to people looking for photo retouching. It’s annoying, to say the least. The negative keyword here is, ‘photo’. People have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars just because they fail to understand what negative keywords are and how to get rid of them.

Call Only Campaigns

There is an option in Google Adwords where you can run “Call Only Campaigns”. This service will make the call to the company as soon as a user clicks on the ad. This is a remarkable service provided by Google Adwords, simplifying the process of finding a service for users. Users don’t care about the name of a company, often, they just search the service. This will lead to more direction conversions. These campaigns also help in tracking the cost per lead.

Track Click-Fraud

Competition with other local brands in the same industry can be cut-throat! Well, not really, but almost. There are a few unfair business practices you may want to keep in mind so that you’re not the one being taken advantage of. If you’re going to invest in advertising, content, and website quality, you may as well invest in an IP tracker. It will make sure you’re getting the most out of everything else.

For example, there are a lot of locations where business competitors will click on the ads of their competitors all day long. This causes their competitors’ ads to run out of their budget without getting any leads. So, it is important to make sure that you can track the IP address of the people who click on your ads. Once in a while, make sure your clicks are legitimate.

Effects of Multiple Ad Clicking

So this is something Google has always had trouble explaining. Google does not charge you for multiple clicks from the same computer, most of the time. Besides, Google also fails to track if the person is clicking on the ad after a specific time.

Let’s say a person clicks on your ad after 15 days. Google will charge you, and it may charge you more if the person clicks on the ad 7 times in 7 minutes. Although Google has a system intact to find fraudulent clicks, it rarely reimburses the advertiser. You also need to be vigilant about fraud clicks to make sure you’re not paying for it. Services will allow you to immediately block the IP or IP range from where the clicks are coming.

How to Rank on Top of Google Ads

Separate campaigns for separate services.

When you promote your business on Google Adwords, make sure that you have separate campaigns for each service you provide. This actually makes it simpler for everyone. If you are providing a mold removing service, the charges will be differ depending on the exact service. These services will require a different set of skills. In that case, the campaigns should also be different.

You’re targeting niches. If someone requires mold removal for their walls, they may not find you if you’re listing is for air duct mold removal. Sadly, your potential client won’t start scrolling through your website for a list of alternative services. They’ll go to the next ad that clearly advertises ‘mold removal for walls’. Directly providing an answer to an individual’s search query makes them way more likely to take the action and call.

Advanced Targeting

You can target your ads based on the device the viewer is using. These days, a large number of people use mobile devices to surf the internet. Many people only use desktops and laptops for work. Smartphones contain apps for all the websites that are commonly used throughout the day.

It makes sense to target ads for mobile devices, especially if you know that your audience is likely to be using one. If you tell Google that you prefer mobile advertising, it will move your budget around depending on what you want to focus on.

Increasing KW Quality Scores

The KW quality score is incredibly far-reaching, so it should be a top priority.

If you are providing multiple services, you need to make sure that each service has a different landing page with relevant keywords. For example, if you want to promote “mold removal service from the basement,” you do not need to have keywords like “rug repair” with it. If you have relevant ads the ranking will be better. This will eventually reduce your campaign cost. Google does not work on a “pay high to get a high position” basis. It wants both advertisers and visitors to have good search experience.

Keyword Grouping

It is very important to make sure that grouped ads have similar keywords. If you provide three different services like rug repair, rug cleaning, and carpet cleaning, then you cannot have all of them in one group. You need to have a separate group for each description.

If you think you’ll be paying more to have separate groups of keywords, you are absolutely wrong. Campaigns with definite keywords get better ratings. This ends up costing the business much less.

Competitive Bids

The estimated cost for a top position on the first page of Google is not the same for everyone out there. Using the ad rankings that you have, Google will show you the estimated cost that you need to spend to remain in the top position on the first page.

Thus, you need to make sure that the ad ranking remains good! By following steps that are mentioned here, you can keep your site on top.

Google does not require you to spend more per click. It does require you to make sure that the ad you are posting is 100 percent relevant to the services that you provide.

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