AI can help in automated marketing decisions


From mainstream sci-fi to mainstream real-world business, Artificial Intelligence is slowly becoming a part of the online marketing landscape, according to Martech. Advertisers are beginning to realize some of the advantages of utilizing AI to help in, say, automated marketing situations. One way to become more comfortable working with AI is by understanding how it works.

In some ways, AI processes are similar to the logical thought patterns applied to a complex set of circumstances by the human brain. In some cases, the person isn’t even aware of how much mental energy is being exerted on a particular problem.

Where abstraction and creativity are like automatic reactions to our human brains, an AI must be programmed to understand how to pick choice A over choice B according to the myriad of variables presented in a given situation. The AI learns to predict the outcome of any one decision in a complex set of circumstances then proceeds to make a decision based upon the desired outcome or range of instructional parameters.

Finally, while AI can be (and should be) utilized on a scale far exceeding human capability, it is not going to become an independent thinking entity and make marketing decisions that contradict the design of its programmers.

Advertisers have not lain their old laptops down in the dust, but it may be only a matter of time before AI overruns computer technology as we know it today and becomes the new standard.


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