AI transforms online marketing in ways difficult to predict


Artificial intelligence is changing the way marketing does business, according to Martech Today. The AI assistants – such as IBM’s Watson or Apple’s Siri – are now called the ‘genius-as-a-service’ and have become available to many online tools. Artificial intelligence is expected to eventually outstrip today’s common usage of algorithms and become more important in the marketing world as time progresses.

AI technology is used for many purposes already, like a verbal interface for high level data services, or high performing computing services, and cloud features. In marketing AI technology has become a faster more efficient way to reach out to the customer and guide them along the journey toward conversions.

With this new level of technology comes the flexibility to appeal to a customer on a level not realized before. Cognitive marketing is being used alongside the artificial intelligence technology withattribution data, computing the many “clicks” performed by audiences each day, and analyzing responses to ads. These aspects allow the AI to assemble data on the behavior of a target audience then assemble ads that will have the greatest appeal. The AI can reach out to the user at whatever point they are in their journey toward conversion.

AI will also allow a higher understanding of communications. Language and translation are becoming less a barrier. The new technologies being developed and improved upon will allowuninhibitedconversations between people of various cultures with smooth interactions akin to a science fiction setting.

Expert systems coupled with data management platforms are becoming the high-end use for marketing. The availability of artificial genius broadens the expectations to a degree that will change the way online tools will be used in brand advertising.



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