AMP is gearing for re-standardizing distribution applications


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are rushing into the internet scene with its apparent ability to deliver quality linking between platforms, and other proprietorial sites according to Search Engine Land.This is could mean an easier smoother ride for users moving across cyber-boundaries, like a ship going through international waters.

Originally designed by Google, its intended purpose was for speed and efficiency in the function of the platform’s apps across the internet, the AMP concept has been tested by other distributors.

Although AMP is still barely out of its Google cradle, the general hope is that it will begin to pick up momentum and become a more important part of 2017 on the internet – even a re-standardization of certain aspects of internet usage and quality.

Google still dominates the AMP referrals (directly or indirectly) at 80 percent. About 10 percent of the referrals aredefinitely not related to Google and that number is expected to rise this year and more so in subsequent years, as more distributors begin to realize the improved engagement capability of AMP.

Globally, news publishers and news app distributors are touting AMP to their advantage,some reporting prominent savings in development costs and easier maintenance. Their apps have better application performance on mobile devices which are popularizing among users. In addition, Pinterest and LinkedIn, two behemoth platforms are also courting AMP for distribution efficiency, though neither has as-yet expressed preference of AMP-related content of the non-.


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