Analytics for Apps upgrades to more powerful Facebook Analytics


Facebook has renamed and revamped its Analytics for Apps to extend the provided information for customer behaviors, profiling, and purchasing trends. Now called Facebook Analytics, the new features not only trace user behavior and conversions online, it also follows the customer through there in-store experiences as well. The information taken in by FB Analytics will be available to marketing planners in convenient formats that can make their jobs easier.

The new features include analytics data condensed down to a convenient format that allows brand marketersto get some of their desired information at a quick glance. Marketers can analyze customer behavior with Venn diagrams and other standard forms. As new and more powerful marketing tools and techniques rise in popularity, like artificial intelligence and cognitive marketing, this information showing customer preferenceswill make interaction with brands more predictable.

Analytics for Apps was developed two years ago for apps because FB was trying to compete with Google Analytics. FB then upgraded their analytics programs last year to support websites and chatbots. Now it has been used by 1 million apps and has many advantages, like tracking buying trends faster than human intelligence would be able to analyze.

Facebook Analytics allows brands to follow customer activity through the online-to-offline journey from ad viewing to website and ultimately to a brick-and-mortar purchase. Working alongside artificial intelligence technology, analytics programs can “watch” the millions of clicks and other activities performed by customers. This information will be stored and can be retrieved for advertising strategies to enable so-called “smart ads” to engage customers at certain points in their journey toward a purchase.



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