Appealing to Different Age Groups in Your Writing


Once you start a blog, you’ll want to reach readers from lots of different age groups. After all, adults of all ages need restoration services. That means that your writing will have to appeal to a lot of very different people. How do you make your writing work for all these demographics? The pointers below will help.

Always Simplify, Never Talk Down

No matter the age or education level of your readers, you’ll always want your content to be easy to read. Blog posts are designed for simplicity. People don’t anticipate reading an entire research paper when they click on a blog post. To appeal to all age groups, keep your writing simple. Don’t stuff your sentences with too many words. Don’t use fillers or a lot of passive verbs. That said, you also don’t want to talk down to your audience, either. Just because you keep things simple doesn’t mean you have to be condescending. Finding the middle ground will help you write for everybody.

Go For Universal Values

When you write your blog posts, you’ll want to appeal to your audience’s values. That can get tough when you write for different age groups because different generations have different values. Try to stick to things that a lot of age groups have in common. For example, virtually everybody wants to save money, so you could focus on how your services might help people save on their energy bills.

Use Different Social Media Sites

Once you write a post that appeals to lots of different age groups, you’ll want to make sure that all those age groups can find it. That’s where different social media sites come in. You need a good mix of sites to reach a big audience. For example, if you want to reach baby boomers, you’ll need a presence on Facebook. To reach millennials and gen x-ers, Twitter is a great place to start.

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