Apple investigating the iPhone explosion


The device’s owner claims problems prior to the event; Twitter video goes viral

An iPhone 7 blew up! It’s on a video that went viral online.

Is this a preview to a new Mission Impossible movie? Many people have seen the scenario played out before. The lead secret agent (Tom Cruise) gets an assignment then the famous line is uttered. “This [iPhone, in this case] will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck.”

Apple is investigatinga recorded incident which played out in real-time in theresidenceof Brianna Olivas on Wednesday morning, according to a MacWorld story. Apple emphasized that this appears to be an isolated incident and iPhone users have no reason to be concerned about other devices. So far, there is no conclusive fact to explain why the iPhone inexplicably began smoking then exploded, but some have suggested excessive moisture because of the iPhone’s location when it blew up.

Olivas boyfriend reportedly saw the mobile device smoking and making a strange noise that morning then took it into the bathroom. Shortly thereafter, it exploded.

Olivas reported having trouble with the device earlier and had taken it in to be checked, but nothing was found to be wrong with it. Then, the morning of the explosion, it would not turn on at all.

The recording was sent through Twitter followingthe incident. The video went viral very quickly, showing 28,000 retweets and more than 2 million viewers.

For more information, go to for the full story in the iPhone explosion.


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