Apple Store Optimization (APO) becoming very important


The App Store is becoming a vital part of the online experience with its ever-growing numbers of apps that are being added. According to Marketing Land, there are new trends that app developers and marketers should know about to optimize its usage to their best benefit.

With the roll-out of Apple’s iOS 10.3, app publishers will be able to reply to app-user’s reviews. If a user posts an issue about the app, the developer can give a reply, such as “thank you for informing us; we will fix that,” thus improving relations with their users.

The new iOS has an in-app ranking feature which allows the user to give a rating (hopefully with five stars) while in the app itself;they won’t have to go to a page in the App Store.

Using the Apple Search Ads feature allows developers to give extra promotional value to your app, and will make it easier to pin down vital keywords.Also, app developers can use negative cues to avoid customers they do not want.

Keyword boost strategies must be handled carefully in the App Store The search algorithms rank keywords in a query according to the downloads resulting from previous usage of the keyword.This type of tactic is frowned upon by Apple, and if an app developer gets caught, they may be penalized.

Google search is always opening up ways to search into the App Store. Using the correct keywords willbring searchers to the page where an app can be downloaded. So, editing app content to include keywords in apps on the same page increases the chance of visibility.


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