Artificial intelligence is changing the way users interact online


AI rules! is the new online clarion call from users and marketers.

The artificial intelligence platforms are now taking over the search industry, according to Martech Today, and it’s changing the way we interact with the internet. For marketers, this will mean subtle changes in the way they do business.

AI is changing the way we look for products or information. Gone are the days of choosing from a convenient list of links on your search page. The former SERP hasmorphed into a conglomeration of apps, links, comments, and other things.

For some time, Google held the lead as the primary source for finding information on the worldwide web.  Now, other platforms likeAmazon are becoming serious competition to the titan of online data gathering, especially where shopping is concerned. Google and other search engines aren’t necessarily the first step in searching anymore. More and more people are gravitating toward the other sites like Facebook and YouTube.News can be gleaned from social platforms.

There are other things rising in popularity that may soon render traditional search engines obsolete. For one thing, there are the AI assistants like Siri and Cortana. Voice response units allow users to ask their computerized servants questions and often get an immediate response, or do a little online shopping for them. Then there are the chatbots which can quickly find information without users having to sift through pages of content before finding what they want.

For professional marketers, the online universe is shifting with the inclusion of AI technology, and anyone who wants to do business therein must be willing to adapt to this alternate reality. The masterminds of AI, will likely make things more complicated but with the possibility of greater profitability.



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