Audience Network making the marketing process easier


Facebook has taken a leap to attract more ad marketing dollars through Audience Network. The titanic platform has been a major player in the social media sector of the internet for years. In Marchit bolstered up its advertisement services by officially rolling out header bidding features, according to Marketing Land.

Also, some of its marketing policies have been updated to show more transparency in the way it handles brand advertising. Complaints from some of their advertisers who wanted access to more data concerning attribution numbers and how the numbers were derived motivated these changes.

The ad spend is also increasing for off-FB sources. A sample group of advertisers observed in the last quarter of 2016 and the first quarter of 2017 showed an 8 percent increase in the amount of ad spend going to off-FB sources. A portion of the group reach as high as 31 percent in that same time frame.

Audience Network is already an important factorin marketing campaigns for direct response advertising, and that is expected to continue increasing as the internal changes will likely work to their advantage.

Through Audience Network, advertisers will find it simpler planning long-term ad costs and ROI as FB ad prices have tended to remain stable. In contrast, advertisers who do not opt for using Network, may find more volatile conditions, especially during high-demand seasons. During these times, Audience Network’s upgraded inventory and operability in supplying data makes it a valuable marketing tool. In addition, issues for ad-load and in-feed inventory have been addressed.


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