Audit Your Company’s Adwords Account to Optimize Efficiency


Auditing a client’s Adwords information has been a reliable tactic for checking up on their marketing history and using that information to create an effective strategy. When reviewing these accounts, there are a few aspects commonly misunderstood or overlooked, according to Search Engine Land.

One of the most important items on the auditing checklist is the set up for that accounts conversion tracking. This can be done in Adwords’ “Conversions” section. You could check the  websites under which the conversions are made, and track any pageview conversions you find.

The second item to look at carefully is the balance between efficiency and volume of keyword searches because each one seems almost counterproductive to the other. For instance, a search word may have a low number of clicks but lead to a high volume of conversions, or vice versa. The idea of an audit is to find and cut out the unneeded expense. With a little close research, optimizing keyword efficiency can increase ROI.

Always consider the metrics for mobile conversion. The numbers of mobile users are still rising across almost all customer profiles. Smart phones are commonly thought of as something used by the younger online customers, age 29 and younger. However, recent studies indicate those numbers are moving over the generation gap as more older consumers are using mobile devices for online activities. Preparing a mobile-specific campaign is important to your brand’s overall strategy.

Finally, another oft overlooked aspect in Adwords is the search term “cross-pollination” metrics, which means checking how often search terms crossover into other ad groups. Few crossovers may not be an issue, but too many indicates a problem in organization, and the brand’s keyword strategy needs to be refined.


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