Avoid common mobile errors – part I


Millenials grew up with cell phone devices and are as familiar with that technology as their parents were with the rotor-dial telephones or vinyl LP records. Predictors like Statista are stating there will be more than 2 billion mobile-users globally by the end of this year.More than 90 percent of young people,18 to 29, own a mobile device, and about 88 percent of adults 30 to 49. Companies make several mistakes in dealing with mobile viewers, but there are ways to avoid these errors, according to Marketing Land.

First, never assume that a simple mobile app can replace a strong mobile web presence. A mobile presence requires constant functionality like a web design focused toward your typical laptop or desktop screen, only with smaller viewing space.

About 75 percent of internet users, will use both laptops and mobiles in their internet journeys. Sometimes, users will use only one device when clicking through their journey from ad to browsing to point of sale. But in those cases where multiple devices are used, the viewer will expect a smooth transition from one to another, and your brand’s online reputation depends on the experience it provides.

Create a mobile experience for your users as if that is all they will be using. Many companies still put most of their focus on creating a format that will give desktop user a pleasant experience,but put little effort into making sure their web presence is mobile-friendly as well.

Companies should have a system in place for keeping up with mobile data. Keeping your metrics on any device easily accessible is important in remaining competitive in mobile marketing.


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