Avoid problems that inhibits link building


When it comes to ranking high in the Google algorithms, establishing links is an important issue if one wants to appear on the first SERP. It is true that linkability is not the primary issue, but it is part of the equation, so if anything is inhibiting so-called “good links,” it might be a good idea to address these problems.There are several aspects that might throw up a barrier in establishing your highest rankable links, according to Search Engine Land.

One of the more common problem areas is called the “intrusive interstitials.” In January, Google rolled out a new ad-search policy that penalizes rankings for any websites that use these annoying little pop-ups that the user must click on to dismiss before going on to the content that they actually wanted to see. Many of the opening interstitials are slowly disappearing from the cyber-verse, but some sites still use them.

Another common link breaker is the “gated content.”Most people don’t like it when they have to give their e-mail address or some other information to get to the content they want. There are some circumstances in which this is a good precaution, but should not be overused.

“Excessive pagination” might be a turn-off that could prevent a site from establishing a link. This is another case in which an advertiser is making the user work too hard (flipping through too many pages) to get to the content they want to see. As a rule, viewers don’t have the patience for it.


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