Avoiding common PPC Fallacies can Improve ROI


PPC strategies are not infallible, according to Search Engine Land. However, sometimes there might be one or two built-in self-destruct errors that the designers don’t even know about. Here are a few common PPC errors that can kill your campaign.

First, excluding sitelinks in your PPC strategy is one way to defuse what might otherwise have been a very successful campaign. Sitelinks can build up your ad ranking. Also, these links can provide access to pages relevant to your viewers needs.

Next, ensure that your landing page don’t have too many options that will divert your viewers away from a conversion. Populating your page with only a few relevant options will help keep your viewer focused on the path you want them to follow. Too many choices can lead to indecision, and ultimately, they give up and move on to some other site.

Another common error in PPC marketing is placing too much emphasis on certain metrics while ignoring others that can also be effectual. Sometimes marketers find that certain metrics commonly work as positive indicators for a number of accounts and so they get fixated on the one or two columns of numbers as if they are universal measurements of success. If you start falling into this trap, be willing to take a step back and analyze other options.

Finally, don’t be guilty of neglecting an account for an extended period. Under certain circumstances, some brands may set highly restrictive conditions on a PPC account to avoid the higher cost of maintaining or monitoring that the managers believe could lead to a low ROI. Unfortunately, while this type of strategy might seem “safe,” it also excludes experimenting with different methods, which is the way marketers learn the most effectual parameters in marketing.


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