How to Balance your Personal and Professional Life, Part 1


As entrepreneurs, we tend to take on many jobs at once; especially in the beginning phases. As you steal moments away from friends and family, it can seem as though there is never enough time.

So how do those 4-hour work week followers do it? After-all, you most likely started your business to be your own boss, earn money on your terms and break-away from your cubicle-strapped colleagues.

What you probably weren’t expecting was the grueling work-weeks, time away from your family and sleepless nights.

Is work-life balance simply a myth?

Not entirely. You see, as an entrepreneur it is no longer about punching a time clock, but learning how to become more efficient. In order to kill it online with your business AND your life, you need to follow a few work-life balance tips to avoid burnout while building the life of your dreams.

10 Tips to Better Work-Life Balance

Leverage your Time

When you were an employee, you were one cog among many; dedicating your time to the one role you were hired to fulfill. As an entrepreneur you now have to create a system that works for you, which will require hiring a team of helping hands.

If your budget is tight, get creative! Websites such as, Fivver or can connect you with highly talented individuals across the world- especially areas where the US dollar is strong. Need help locally for household chores and tasks? Check out the Nextdoor app! You can connect with neighbors who can recommend budget friendly alternatives to help you free up time. 


Identify your top 5 goals between your professional and personal life and make those your sole mission. Every other goal can wait while you work to achieve those key 5. You will be amazed how much razor-sharp clarity will come to you when you prioritize your goals. If family is a top priority, make sure you carve out time each and every day to nourish that priority- along with any other ones you have identified.

Minimize your Task List

Take time to write down every activity, networking group and meeting you have on your calendar with consideration to commute times. What can you delete off that list? Can you conduct a conference call instead of an in-person meeting? Can you scale back on extra-curriculars in order to put all of your efforts into one that is really important to you?

Remember that as an entrepreneur, less is more. Less commuting buys you more time to earn more money. Less time engaging in meaningless commitments means more time devoting to the one you truly care for. Time is precious, and make sure to prune your task list down to the necessities.

In order to kill it online in your business, balance is key

Achieving work-life balance is possible, but you have to be willing to prune your tasks and activities down to a select few. Leverage your time, prioritize your goals and minimize your task list. You will be amazed how much extra time you create to spend with friends, family and creating the life of your dreams.

Interested in the next 7 tips for better work-life balance? Stay tuned for the remainder of the series.


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