Bing Ads Editor for Mac being embraced globally


Bing Ads Editor for Mac has now been expanded its availability from U.S. only to worldwide, according to Search Engine Land. This desktop tool has been highly requested since it first came out in beta in June. Now more advertisers have access to its efficient innovations which helps them in preparing their marketing campaigns in less time.

Some of the new features include managing multiple accounts and copy and pasting between multiple accounts, which according to advertising execs will greatly reduce some of the time and trouble in preparing their live ad campaigns. The newest version will allow the ad creators to make changes across several strategies in a lot less time, allowing them to get their ads into the viewers eyes sooner, giving a brand its needed edge over competition who still have the slower editors which force workers to make the same changes one brand at a time.

Bing expects this new global release to open the doors to Bing Ads by Mac-users. The company also added another feature that will allow its new ad users to pull Adwords advertisements into the new Bing Ad Editor.

This Ad Editor was first introduced in its beta form last summer in response to Mac users who had observed the PC version and coveted something similar in their computers.Marketing professionals have embraced the comfortable functionality of this Ad Editor and its multi-channel availability which includes apps for iOS and Android.

Some marketers are wondering when Google is going to surpass its competition and put out an even faster ad editor.


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