Bing Ads Rolls Out Enhancements for Campaign Creation Process


Bing Ads recently announced an updated campaign creation process for advertisers. In the latest version advertisers are provided with more options that eases the process of creating campaigns. For one, advertisers don’t need to continuously go back to update settings and options after creating a campaign. Secondly, the new version comes withbuilt-in performance estimates which keeps users informed about their campaign settings and status.

Advertisers starting a new setup have the option of either choosing a campaign goal or if they want they can import from Google AdWords, or from a file. The next steps are follow-up actions for completing the campaign creation process.

The new campaign creation workflow offers an option for copying settings from an existing campaign via the Campaign Settings screen in addition to consolidated location targeting options which include radius targeting management as well as other location targeting options. In the revised version for setting up ad groups and selecting keywords, Bing Ads offers automatic pooling of keywords into ad groups that are specific to a website URL and/or suggested keywords.

Next comes the ads and extensions stage where Bing Ads provides advertisers with easy access to their library of extensions and ad extensions that best meet the campaign’s marketing goal(s). Advertisers also have the option of setting up multiple ads at this stage. Once this step is completed, the next step is to set campaign budget at ad group bids.

Based on the bids and campaign settings, Bing Ads will show performance estimates for the different ad groups. The revised version of the campaign creation workflow is live. However, the rollout of keyword suggestions and estimates for all countries and in all languages will be done at a later stage.


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