Bing Announces New “My Saves” Feature for Bookmarking Search Results


Microsoft`s Bing recently announced a new feature called “My Saves.” Using this new tool, Bing users will now be able to save images, videos, places, as well as all their shopping searches for viewing at a later time. Once saved, the items can then be viewed either over mobile devices or over the desktop. Bing users can view their saved images, videos, and searches as long as they are signed in from the same Microsoft account.

Here’s how the new feature works – if a Bing user was browsing videos on Bing, using the“My Saves” featurethe user can save the video they like simply by hovering on the video and then clicking on the “Save’ button. As soon as this action is completed, the video immediately gets saved in “My Saves” which is located under the settings tab in the homepage. Now the user can go back anytime and watch the saved video over this mobile or desktop.The feature is applicable for products, search results and for images as well.

Users can go to to view the things they have previously saved or they can click on the gear icon at the top of page and then select “My Saves.” Users who want to view all their items in addition to the more recent ones saved on the desktop, simply have to click on the “Sea all” link to view them or if they want they even delete items or move them to other collections.

Bing’s new release is similar to the Google feature which allows users to save images from the Google search engine. And while Bing said the “My Saves” feature has been rolled out only for specific markets for now, no mention was made of a date for a global rollout.


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