Bing making significant changes in ad campaigns


Bing has made some significant changes and dispersed important information here in the Valentine’s Day season.

First, Bing has added its new Automated Imports feature so their advertisers can schedule automatic updates through AdWords, imported to Bing. This change comes on the outset of the advertisement-intensive time of St. Valentine’s Day, enabling companies to update their ads more conveniently to take advantage of another gift-giving holiday.

Ad-change routines can be set for daily, weekly, or monthly updates. This gives busy marketing techs the convenience of not having to remember to go online and update their ads manually. The Automated Imports feature will check the new changes for errors during the importing process.

Advertisers select their Import Options as they determine their individual schedules, and settings can be adjusted at any time. Updates given in ad campaigns are shown in a summarized listing.

The National Retail Federation stated that more than half of American adults shop online for their significant other on Valentine’s Day.

Bing released facts on the Valentine’s Day trends that will give marketing managers some insight as to how to creatively and profitably direct their ads.

For instance, single men between the ages 25-34 spend the most money online for this holiday, but shopping girlfriends have the highest percentage of searches. Valentine’s Day CPC & CTR trends show especially a lot of mobile shopping traffic, according to Bing. Statistically, online shopping tends to slump at the end of January then has a brief resurgence about 10 days into February.



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