Brand protection is important for growth


The competition of the business world can be fierce and sometimes things can happen that does not work to the advantage of your brand.For example, competitors or affiliates might bid on quality keywords that would normally bring a high conversion rate to your brand. However, there are strategies you can use to dodge this bullet and implement a good brand protection strategy, according to Search Engine Land.
One simple way to turn things around to your brand’s advantage is expanding your keyword list.One method can be used effectively by adding extensions to your brand’s name. For instance, attach the brand with the product as in Toyota Tacoma, or add the word “discount” or “rebate” after the brand name.
Coordinating your PPC bids with trusted affiliates is another method.Identify the affiliates that you can trust to work with you then bid on your own keyword variations then let them follow up with their own ads that will likely covert to your brand searches.
A third defense would be reporting search engine violations. If a competitor uses your brand in their ad content, they are clearly breaking the rules. You can report them to the appropriate people associated with the search engines. The company that has hijacked your brand unethically, will be dealt with by the rules of the search platform. Also, if a competing brand uses your brand in display URL but the ad content is not relevant to the copy, then you can bring them up for editorial review. If the review is judged in your favor, the competitors Quality Score will suffer.


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