Brand website numbers have lessened, but a web presence is still essential


About 30-40 percent fewer users are visiting websites compared to a few years ago because they are engaging business on social media sites like Facebook. Another online trend seems to be dovetailing this one as more than 57 percent of businesses do not have a website, according to studies. Some of the small businesses may have to avoid the expense of starting and maintaining a site presence. However, many brands are turning to social media as their primary web presence. This may be a mistake, according to Search Engine Land’s findings from several 2016 surveys. There are at least a few reasons why companies should have their own website.
First, in spite of the drop-off, about 63 percent of consumers still engage the brand websites. In fact, the two most common online sources that these potential customers use are websites and search engines. At the same time, a few users (very few) are abandoning search engines in favor sites like Yelp or
A poll of users showed only about five percent of users don’t use a searching platorm; the other 95 percent do. That’s a significant majority. The major aspects that search algorithms look for in a search are more often related to business websites than an FB page.
Another reason that shows websites are not only viable but valuable is the fact that 30 percent of users won’t engage a brand that uses no websites. Cautious online shoppers use a number of sources to research before purchasing, and websites are an important source. Thus, the brands that have no site, are not gaining these smart shoppers.


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