How to Build a High Click-through Rate and Keyword Score


As an entrepreneur, you wear many different hats. Temporarily, digital marketing guru may be one of them.

If all of these terms and acronyms seem greek to you- don’t worry. Our goal at Killitonline is to help you understand digital marketing on a basic level, so that you can increase your revenue through your website and inbound leads. Before we get started, let’s go over click-through rates and keyword scores.

Click-through Rate: A click through rate (CTR) is the number of people who actually click on an ad or website link vs. the number of impressions. Say for instance you got 300 clicks on a 35,000 impression ad, your CTR would be .8

Keyword Score: A keyword score is the relevancy level that the Google Adwords algorithm provides between your keywords and landing page/ad. It scores the usefulness of your product and service to the end user based upon your keywords.

How to Boost CTRs and Keyword Scores

If you are struggling with insufficient CTRs and Keyword Scores, here are a few tips that can help you increase your online relevancy:

Analyze websites of your competitors

When getting into digital marketing, do not feel like you always have to recreate the wheel. Many times you don’t. Make a list of your top 10 competitors and carve out an hour to take a look at their ads and landing pages.

Which keywords are they using? When you type in your own keywords, which of your competitors pop up? What do their landing pages and ads look like? How could you modify yours to be better?

You never know what you could find. You may be able to identify a few ways to tweak your own ads, and also see how they are performing.

Identify your CTR and keyword score goals upfront

It is always wise to begin with the end in mind. What are your goals? What type of return would you like to see on your investment? What type of keyword score would you need to achieve this, and what would be an attractive CTR to get you to those revenue goals?

Even if you do not know entirely upfront, studying your competitors websites and using Google Analytics can help you start with a few numbers. As you execute your campaign, you can always adjust your targets.

Evenly rotate Ads

Take time to manually rotate your different ads. Sure, Google can do this for you, but as you start marketing on-line, doing this yourself can help you understand which ads are performing better and which ones aren’t. Once you identify your poor performers, you can make the necessary adjustments without wasting too much of your ad budget.

Boosting Revenues through High CTRs and Keyword Scores

In order to kill it online in your business and live the life of your dreams, be aware of how your CTRs and keyword scores could be affecting the effectiveness of your ads. Sure, it may take a little time and practice, but as you get into a groove, you will see a spike in traffic and overall revenue from your digital marketing efforts.


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