Business leaders must remember marketing tech can’t run itself


Marketing technology has grown with the advent of new and improved attribution tools and machine learning, optimizing time efficiency for creative work. But for all of the innovations, the one thing that tech resources cannot fully replace is people resources. Marketers must ensure they hire the right people who will be able to utilize that technology to its fullest potential, according to Martech Today.

Today’s marketing technology makes it possible to profile mass numbers of customers or potential customers. Attribution data can be used to analyze behavior patterns in work and personal time in such a way that marketers can pinpoint the right time of day to deliver their ads for optimal conversions. Now with the rise of AI and machine learning, the information can be processed more efficiently. The efficiency has scaled up so high that some companies are buying into the erroneous belief that people are not as necessary in the marketing process as before.

It is important for marketers and business leaders to remember that tech can’t do it all.It is also important that marketers remember that they must hire the right people who know how to work all of this wonderful technology that keeps their company competitive in the global market. Technology requires people on hand to operate and work with the data.It needs more than a few warm bodies to fill a quota of desk jockeys. It requires trained and, preferably, experienced personnel who can analyze the gathered data and plan the next best move to produce revenue for their brands.


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