Changes to Google’s Expanded Ad Texts: What You Need to Know!

Changes to Google’s Expanded Ad Texts

Expanded Ads have become quite popular since they offer two headline fields, allow for more compelling copy than traditional text ads, and provide a display URL that is unique to your particular offering.

So just when you were comfortable with the old model, Google is once again changing things up. The good news? Ads that are 2x bigger, provide better click through rates and ultimately send more traffic to your site.

In fact, click through rates have been reported to improve on average of 20%!

Designed to support the ever-growing mobile demand as more people are shifting from desktops to iPhones, the new version better functions within the mobile configurations. Read on for the top 5 things you need to know to better implement the new expanded ad texts into your future ad campaigns.

Immediate Changes

The first improvement Google made to their expanded ads was to increase the character counts from one 25 word headline to TWO 30 word headlines. Imagine how many quality keywords, or emotion-evoking copy you could integrate with 60 words vs. 25. Companies can now spend a little more time on copy that pulls their reader in, while attracting immediate attention.

Next, Google changed the description lines to provide one long line encompassed by 80 characters whereas the old model provided 2 lines with an option for 35 characters on each line. The new format allows for copy to stream across the width of the screen, capturing the attention of the reader with the purpose of prompting a click.

The next improvement was geared towards the display URLs. In the past, advertisers needed to manually type the URL and any mistakes would cause the ad to be rejected. However, the new change allows domains to be pulled automatically from your final URL which allows less room for error.

Also, you do not have to necessarily display the ACTUAL URL. Companies now have up to 15 characters to describe where the viewer will be directed rather than just displaying the URL path. This allows for more opportunities to insert keywords, or attract viewers to your sales and landing pages.

Tips to Maximize the New Extended Ads

Google’s new version of extended ads provide a tremendous amount of additional space; a total of 50% more options for characters as well as one more headline than originally provided.

Spend more time on Headline Optimization

Headlines act as a magnet for viewers to stop and pay attention to your ad. Now with 80 characters, you have the ability to do so much more with your headline! How do you do this? Well first you want to make it easy to read in order to captivate the viewer. Stay mindful that longer headlines tend to wrap to a second line on mobile devices, and will be broken up with a hyphen on a desktop.

Try a few different versions of your headline, and choose the one that is most visually appealing.

Maximize character options

With nearly 14% more characters to use within the descriptions of the ads and roughly 50% more characters for the headline, take this opportunity to truly make your copy shine!

Beyond utilizing all of your character options, consider keeping in mind how each line will show up on a mobile device or a desktop screen. Test different versions, and select the option that is visually appealing on both types of devices.

Utilize Ad Extensions

In order to increase the performance of your ads, Google allows you to add extensions which enhance the copy of your ad with more information. Extensions such as site links, image extensions, e-mail extensions, social extensions, seller ratings and dynamic search ads are all examples of ways to improve ad visibility and click through rates.

For example, let’s say you have the seller ratings extension activated within your ad. You will now be able to attract a viewer with a rolling display of satisfied customers of your product or service. Since buyers still like to refer to some sort of social proof, these reviews can be just what is needed for an impression to transform into a paying customer.

Better Copy = Better Results

What is your ideal client’s pain point? What problem does your company solve every day with their products or service? Remember, your key mission as a business is to solve problems, not sell trinkets. Keep that in mind when creating your ad copy for each ad. With more characters available to you, it may be time to reconfigure your message to entice more viewers.

Stuck on where to start? Write down 3-5 complaints you hear each day from your clients. Those complaints are certainly pain points! Next, brainstorm the frequently asked questions that are geared towards your product and service. Clearly those are points of interest for your customers, and would certainly be of interest to mass market.

Once you have brainstormed those key topics, fold the answers and solutions into the copy of your new advertisement. If you keep the copy focused on how your services solve the mass market’s problems, you will see a higher CTRs and ultimately more revenue from each campaign.

Preparation Counts!

These Google Ad Text changes have not yet gone into effect, but when they do, you want to be properly prepared! The most important thing you can do? Raise those Quality Scores. They have always been an important metric in how your ad will display vs. the competition, but with this new model, it has become even more important.

Ways you can increase your quality score would be finding more attractive keywords that appeal to your audience, optimizing the text available to you in the ad and fully optimizing your landing pages. Business who take time to increase their quality score will have a better chance of securing a higher position, whereas the businesses who don’t could become irrelevant in a mobile search.

Bottom line, there is tremendous opportunity within the new ad text algorithm, however early adoption is key. Take time this week to redefine your ad strategy and incorporate a few of these tips within your next campaign. A few minor adjustments could make a huge difference in the long run!


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