Chat bots set to make holidays more efficient


When Halloween candy appears on the store shelves and retail and marketing websites start their countdown to Black Friday, you know the holiday season has begun. It’s the time of year marketers start rolling up their sleeves for that chaotic run-up to Christmas. This year, chat bots need to be on the wish list of anyone associated with the retail industry, according to Marketing Land. This new technology is already displaying several advantages marketers, customers, and retailers.

First, consumers are starting to like the new and improved chat bots that can help guide their shopping experience, making it easier. This new technology has improved with language capabilities enhanced by the machine learning capabilities. Chat bots are already used in 25 percent of household shopping needs. Brands are hoping this will help encourage a positive shopping experience, especially on Black Friday.

Second, today’s machine learning bots are being used in marketing for more personalized customer relations. Chat bots are being inserted into the customer’s shopping experience in conjunction with applications that measure customer needs and reactions. When chat bots have access to customer metrics, they can make quick recommendations and advise consumers who are looking for particular items. They may know what the customer will want before the customer does.

Finally, chat bots can save money for retailers. They can be used in projects that would normally be completed by employees after several paid man-hours of work. Reports indicate that chat bots are expected to save the retailers up to $8 billion over the next five years

Chat bots are rising in importance as they are being deployed in numerous marketing strategies, according to Marketing Land. But, now is the time to start gearing up these digital tools for the holiday rush so the customers’ experience will be a comfortable journey.


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