Consider the value of cloud space before investing in new marketing hardware


Cost and value are always two important considerations when buying a product or service. When financial figures get tight in the business world, marketers have to find ways to cut down costs. One way to do this is comparing cloud space vs. hardware, but you should be careful not to slice away value when cutting out the fat, according to Network World.

If you can buy 2 pounds of sugar for $1.50 and 10 pound for $6, which would be the better value? Beware of hidden costs and false savings. Just because something costs less doesn’t make it a better value. Leasing cloud space can save the company money in the bigger picture of everything.

One of the valuable considerations for making greater use of cloud space is the use of physical space.As a business grows, the need for more computer space increases. Ask yourself, would it be more a cost effective to install more hardware or hire more people who can make greater use of cloud space.

Cloud can replace electronic infrastructure that might not be used 24/7.Much of the hardware in a marketing department might go unused 25 percent of the time, or maybe just 10 percent. Cloud space can be leased for the time you need to use it. If you have idle hardware, you are still paying for the maintenance costs to keep it operating at top efficiency, whether your running your marketing models through it or not.

Check the speed and efficiency of a cloud. Sometimes, a tight deadline on a new project can be a deal-maker or a -breaker. The digital resources to get a project finished in plenty of time are already available in a cloud.


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